Indiana Chan
Indiana Chan
Indiana Chan. . Member reactions:
woah. didn't expect this. Thanks for vote my entry. and congratulations to all the contestants for your great chops.

Funny Indiana Jones Jr.

Indiana Jones Jr.

Funny Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones the short version

Funny Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.

Funny Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
. Member reactions:
nice eyes nice job =)
Well molded face, the eyes look big and the nose small very funny ...
He got Extra brain

Funny Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones..Happy Birthday. Member reactions:
nice teeth Good job man Good luck
Nice work good to see him smiling Happy Birthday Ford


Very well molded and chopped to the original good job done

Funny Harrison Ford in Indiana Wars

Harrison Ford in Indiana Wars
Guys, last week spielberg and lucas you have promised a new movie with harrison ford, "Indian Wars", here is a preview of the new poster for the film. I hope you enjoy it ..... hehehehehe.. . Member reactions:
Ricardo fantastico, una caricatura meravigliosa di Harrison Ford.(forse alleggerisca il bianco dell'occhio aperto un poco per accentuare che la grande espressione voi lo ha dato.) La vostra composizione grande con i bei effetti.Chi mani quelli, Nosferatu. Fantastic Ricardo, it is a wonderful caricature of Harrison Ford.(maybe lighten the white of the open eye a tad to accentuate that great expression you've given him.) Your composition is great with beautiful effects.Who's hands are those,Nosferatu's.
you are always too kind whit me musicalnote.... thank you very much
qtrmoonshop thank you very much... that's it, i lightened the eye, it seems that now the eyes see much better ... i'm glad that my work will look so good, it means that my work is appreciated in the smallest details ... and i'm really happy .... thanks again. yes the hands are of a vampire
O si. amico...... mi piace molto questa idea di mescolare i lavoro eseguito e molto interessante , le fonti sono molto equilibrate , e rende l'itero taglio pulito. occhio. per occhio. dente per vincente.
mandrake thanks my friend, i am happy that my idea of ​​mixing the movies you liked, i think i'll do the other.
Man... Too good..I wish i could say the word i said when i saw it..the most common Aussie word....
Bravo. I look forward to seeing this movie in a theater. Heehee. Awesome once again.
Excellent work with the flashlights Great job done on the space. i got phobia again by looking at it. its so real
Again the best of the best for todays contest.
thaaaaaaaaaaank you goat my friend, hehehehehe tell it well that word. thanks again my friend
stevegsq thaaaaaaank you my friend, this film are in one cinema ... you have come to venice ... (in italy) hehehehe.
bobrafto consistently thank you my friend.
surili thank you are two men....
rajeshstar thank you for your wonderful compliment, thank you again
balodyia you know i always try to do my best every time, but today there are other very beautiful work, and i think this time the gold will win another friend, but i am always happy anyway .... i just take a minute of fun for you all.
Silver congrats, Ricky.You've created another feast for our eyes - thank you.
Exceptional hard work as always Rickyyyyyy,congrats mate, fabulous work.
i want to thank all my friends to the heart, i thank all of moral support that always give me, i work always knowing that i can make you entertain. thanks again to all of you:zapscar twister surili101 stevegsq spitfire46 shamshersingh salis2006 roonma robinbobin rajeshstar qtrmoonshop otzie oldman nonno newsmaster nanny maroon5 macwithfries lucianomorelli laredog kryptothesuperdog061 kellie ivan icecream grumpyotj groundzero goat geriatric ericnorthend disasterman111 diamonds dexter debbly dal cicsaix bobrafto blackhole benzibox balodiya aintme i love you all

Funny Indiana Wars - George Lucus vs Steven Spielberg

Indiana Wars - George Lucus vs Steven Spielberg
i hope... i hope you like guys, we have worked for three days, we have put much passion .... i hope at least give you a smile
Ahaaa... another MASTERPIECE of yours.You're I-N-V-I-N-C-I-B-L-E, my friend...KEEP ON... MOVIE
paul my friend dentist thank you and good morning also for you
a double-triple smile for you beautiful kellie... thank you for "pro"
I see a Grammy award for this Chop ....
rooooooby, thaaaaaaank you very very much.... roby my dear friend and great magister ohhhhooooooo yeah .... keep on movies .... i like very much made ​​caricatures movie.. and it seems that i succeed pretty good .......................................................and always w italy ....
chili.... ooooooohooooh... i faint, too much honor for me,oooh.... a grammy award for me..... hehehehehehe ..... you're really too good to me ..... thaaaaank you...
OMG. George Lucas's face and his double chins are priceless. So much eye candy to see and admire everywhere. Brilliant work "hidden author".
stevegsq, i'm glad that the double chins of lucas to entertain so much, yes... fun is my purpose and my biggest prize... thank you my friend
hy disaster my friend, i am always happy with your comments.
Really well done. This can't be beat................
10 thank you for you crusader hehehehe
hobbit, i have never safe to end, but thank you from the heart for confidence that from me. very many thanks
Its perfect expression of both, Freaky reptile looks to have popcorn so funny here all the best
ericnorthend thank you.... if you put a hand on the popcorn feel that it is still hot. hehehehe
rajeshstar thank you very much, thanks, the dinosaur is very tasty popcorn hehehehe
Full MarksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSimply Professional job i like the little dinosaur.
You must be in 1st place. If not, there is something wrong with the world. Nice job. Not my style, but it's a great composition and you obviously got skillz.
balodiya thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu the little dinosaur thanks you for the estimation....
malcolmxy..... i dont have words... i do not know how to prove my gratitude for what you said ... i am very happy to know that you appreciate my work very well if it is not your style ... i just always give a smile to everyone with my work, i do it for this ...
thanks disaster .... i believe that my best work ... i worked there for three days.
congrats...i don't like the caricature big heads (because that's what EVERYONE does), but great subject matter, THE BACKGROUND IS AWESOME (I hope others examined all the work you did back there)...I think this site has an all time hall of fame gallery or something. This should certainly be in it. Good work, man (I'm smilin, too...)
Gold.. Bravo on another outstanding piece of art.
Rickytrek,I should have known,this is so well done.Just FANTASTIC...... Makes me want a little dino.CONGRATS......
Super Gold Congrats Ricky . . . Really spectacular work the caricature thing may be "what EVERYONE does", but not too many do it nearly as fabulous as you, my friend.
Fabulous fabulous work. You just keep outdoing yourself, Ricky.Congrats on the gold.
qtrmoonshop, i thank my friend, you are very kind ... i love the caricature, not everyone may like it, but no matter, the important thing though is that all my work fun.
rooooooby.... thank you and viva italy forever my dear friend...
stevegsq.... 1000 thanks.... i try to always do my best to fun everyone with my work.
hobbit my friend thaaaank you... now my work is unmistakable ... i reached my style is unique among all.
newsmaster thaaaaaaank you, you know how much i appreciate your compliments, always give me the strength to do even better ... at least i try. thanks again for your encouragement that you give me more
malcomxy thank thank thank you... you really know how to make a great compliment, even if you say that is not your favorite genre i still see that you appreciate all the work and effort put into my work, this is important. i thank you with all my heart
guys every time you give me more satisfaction, perhaps because every time i try to give something extra, i always give more joy to all with my work, i thank you all from my heart ... i hope i never have forgotten to thank someone ... however, as always guys not to forget anyone i write all your names :---------------------------------------------twister tinmon857 stevegsq roonma robinbobin rajeshstar qtrmoonshop nonno newsmaster nanny malcolmxy lunac laredog kryptothesuperdog061 kellie ilovelayers icecream hobbit90 goat geriatric ericnorthend disasterman111 diamonds crusader234 benzibox balodiya badseed : -) : -) a smile for all guys ...

Funny Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in Indiana Jones

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in Indiana Jones
. Member reactions:
Silver congrats Dizazterman --> -->. Excellent work, which is why I mentioned wishing it was bigger . . . easier to see all the great detail
Thanks qtrmoonshop...I usually make them too big but I over compensated this time
Fantastic work Disasterman111 Congrats on your Silver cup

Funny Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
Latest "Indiana Jones" movie hits the US screens this Thursday (the full title is "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"). Movie critics say the latest installment is more ridiculous than thrilling, where 65-year old Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) survives an atomic explosion by hiding in a refrigerator. Yet critics have not always been nice to Jones films, but public loves them. Older Ford does not to play a 30 year old hunk, yet he still kicks serious ass. The film is another quality work from Steven Spielberg, with lots of special effects and an entertaining plot. Photoshop anything related to Indiana Jones movie or character. Some examples are: making the movie sequels of changing the movie cast, merging any Indiana Jones movie with other movies; putting Indiana Jones into paintings, making him endorse products, etc. As an exception to our site rules we will allow images including Nazis in this contest, since they are inseparable part of Indiana Jones movies.

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