Future Foods Inc.
Future Foods Inc.
Future Foods Inc.. Sources http://imgur.com/a/olOwk
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Lotta awesome work with sources, Vic. And great combo of Lab Burger meets 50's movie "The Monster that Challenged the World"

Funny Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.
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Congrats, Mcrowe . Excellent result, second place from 64 with only one poster in the contest.


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Pink moster is OK but the green one looks blurry.

Funny Monsters Inc Band

Monsters Inc Band
Xylopholk Fuzzy Ragtime Promotional Poster
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Love the whole thing, bu there's only one slight change I'd make. The two monster heads are cloned from each other which seems a bit unnatural. I would change one face slighty and rotate the head a bit.

Funny Mike's Eye Monsters Inc

Mike's Eye Monsters Inc

Funny Monsers Inc Mikey Pear

Monsers Inc Mikey Pear
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This was a wonderful entry with fantastic technique and execution. Congrats on your win.. (congrats on moving up to the big pool with with Jeremix and JeffreyLambert.)
Good idea... Monsters Inc. Congrads on the win, GZ.

Funny Monsters Inc. Halloween Movie

Monsters Inc. Halloween Movie
source 1 source 2
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Thanks, that's Mikey with his Halloween costume on

Funny Monsters Inc Eye Mouth

Monsters Inc Eye Mouth

Funny Monsters Inc Lemon Timer

Monsters Inc Lemon Timer
*REVISED BLENDING AROUND THE EYE* Hope ya like it. Not a sweet looking chop...it's kinda sour.
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Congratulations. Excellent idea. In my book this is the best implementation of the lemon timer. The execution is very nice, thus not perfect. Then again, nobody is perfect. Nice work.

Funny Jack-O-Lantern in Monsters Inc

Jack-O-Lantern in Monsters Inc
Member reactions:
Very nice intergration. Just a little bit of your source image showing through at the bottom left of the pumpkin head.
Congratulations on the silver, and on your first trophy at FN. Wonderful entry.

Funny Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.
Apple Inc had been under a lot of criticism over the reception issues with iPhone 4. Tens of thousands of loyal iPhone customers are so upset that they are switching to other brands. And if that were't enough troubles for Steve Jobs & Apple, iPod nano has big overheating issues. The Trade Ministry in Japan has ordered Apple to publish information detailing how first generation iPod nano owners can get replacement batteries if their device is overheating. At the moment, Apple is the most criticized brand in the blogosphere, according to research into consumer attitudes toward brands on the web. Apple is the most criticized brand on the web now, but we know they USED to make good quality products. Let's show that they can do it again. Take any product or object and show how it'd look if Apple designed it. Make it the Apple way - simplified and cute!

Funny Apple Inc. Products

Apple Inc. Products
To celebrate Apple's 30th birthday, photoshop anything related to Apple company or products - feel free to create new Apple products, adverts, magazine covers, etc.

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