Implanted Digital Fingerprint
Implanted Digital Fingerprint
Implanted Digital Fingerprint. Member reactions:
excellet work.... can see the binary digits through the glass

Funny Illuminati Plans to Implant Humans

Illuminati Plans to Implant Humans
Illuminati Implant Crazy fun with different textures.
Member reactions:
Geee did the Rapture happen or did everyone go on vacation Yoo hooo, chopper mates and art lovers alike.. Anyone there. OO
Fine Job hitspinner. I have no idea what it means but love the ape with the phone. You should have been a comedian
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Seriously twisted art here
Hitspinner : Lol your comment on Hits'work . Hits : Congrats on the gold .
This is the BEST ONE I've seen yet, LOVE IT. Congrats on the win.... Love the article also.
Thanks so much Hobbit, Evirio , and Newsy.

Funny Apple Implant

Apple Implant
Inspired by VeriChip...

Funny Human Implanted Keyboard

Human Implanted Keyboard

Funny iPhone Implant in Head

iPhone Implant in Head
how far away are we really ..
Member reactions:
This could be a freak idea to plant the iphone inside the head to make an effective communication a true example of hands free
This is probably not far from the truth in the near future. Congrats on the bronze, skitterchick.

Funny Woman Laughing at a Man with Breat Implants

Woman Laughing at a Man with Breat Implants
They're huge. That's funny.
Member reactions:
Well, that was the point. I couldn't think of anything funnier than that on the other guy that she would be laughing at, so that was the way I went with it. Glad I could brighten your morning, or whatever, with it.
very funny.... what a size,,, and here Size does matter.
Now she is laughing for the right reason ..
note to self - when in doubt, add ridiculously large ... s.
thanks...not my proudest work, but it'll do in a pinch.

Funny Man with an iPhone Implant

Man with an iPhone Implant
iPhone implant now you don't have to dial, you just think the number and it dials it for you completely hands free you can't lose the phone while you're busy and it can be removed if necessary... cover for your forehead is optional.... side effects may include headaches, ringing in the ear and brain damage.
Member reactions:
I like the side-effects feature of this phone very innovate design
Wood for Mundo too, woo hoo. Congrats again.

Funny Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama

Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Zombie voice in the background " Braiiiins Braaaains...." Excellent.
Congratulations. I, now, have my screensaver pic-o'-the-week.
Really excellent chop Funkyman . . . definitely one of my many favorites of yours. I especially love the Michelle figure, and great expressions on both. Oh yeah, Gold Congrats as well.
so THATS why he needs a teleprompter EXCELLENT work I gotta send a copy of this to Mr. Axelrod, The poor man needs a good laugh

Funny Handgun Implant

Handgun Implant
Invention was scrapped after first transplantee shot his mouth off while eating breakfast.
Member reactions:
It would be tough getting a ride hitchhiking.
haha, so true deaddog.. well thhis..
Very dodgy if you put your hand in your pocket and forgot the safety catch.
Very nicely done...great colors and great idea. You replaced the thumb with the gun but what happened to the index finger. I'd add some shading and curvature so the barrel doesn't look so flat.
Congrats on the gold Rainman... nice texture work
Sweet idea and blend. Would look even cooler with the index finger though.
Nice lookin work. It strikes me as an excellent invention, not a rejected one Congrads
Congrats for the gold az. Amazing work and great idea.

Funny Bird with Bionic Implants

Bird with Bionic Implants
Directed to protect the squadron
Member reactions:
Looks like this was created from scratch. If so - good job.
If interested here is a close up of the implants.
Kind of but Freddie's came from the end of his fingers. I designed these so she could grasp or land with out trouble.
I like what's happening in the brain Nice work fer sure.

Funny Chip Implants

Chip Implants
Some workers at a company in Wisconsin will soon be getting microchips in order to enter the office, log into computers and even buy a snack or two with just a swipe of the hand. Todd Westby, the CEO of tech company Three Square Market, told ABC News today that of the 80 employees at the company's River Falls headquarters, more than 50 had agreed to get implants. Westby said, however, that participation was not required. The microchip uses RFID -- radio frequency identification -- technology and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2004. It is the size of a grain of rice and will be placed between the thumb and forefinger. Create images of a BODY PART that has technology implanted in some way. IMPORTANT! ONLY SHOW the BODY PART such as an arm, leg, foot, hand or back. If your technology is found somewhere on the face, crop the image to the part of the face that has the technology embedded (such as a cheek, a nose, an eye, or ear). For more on this story Visit This Link

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