Impeach 45
Impeach 45
Impeach 45. Member reactions:
Well, yeah, I guess it is a threefer Hahahahaah Great Job

Funny I'll Impeach You And 45

I'll Impeach You And 45
impeach impeach impeach Click Here For The News Story

Funny Maxine, It's Timpeach, Not Impeach.

Maxine, It's Timpeach, Not Impeach.
Impeach is the only word she knows.
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats Hobbit. Mad Maxine strikes again.
Congrats on the Silver Cup, Hobbit. Close one. Really Great Chop'N.

Funny Obama Gets Impeached

Obama Gets Impeached
Member reactions:
no words can explain this... far away from the genunity out of the Egg chop hidden, especially those drops on heel
Congratulations, Doc. Funny Stuff. One can only hope.
Maybe we should Im-tomato him too. Congrats on the win.

Funny Rod Blagojevich Tied Up and Impeached

Rod Blagojevich Tied Up and Impeached
Smallville source, please view How fitting... Blagojevich tied up in a cornfield with a peach on his head, ala William Tell, waiting for the firing squad. Blagojevich impeached.
Member reactions:
Quality work - the concept, the execution. And frankly I'm glad they impeached Blago
Congrats KB, Blago gets gold again. I wish this was a real picture
Excellent chop KB and congrads. But me thinks you flatter the pastey white boy too much with the six pack. Punks like him will not survive well in house. Hhahaha
Congrats darlin - great chop and well deserved gold. Love the whole concept. Clever little bugga - as always... ")

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