Immigration Signs at the German Border
Immigration Signs at the German Border
Immigration Signs at the German Border. Germany loses track of half its Muslim migrants
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Masterfully Done, Hidden. Now...that's a big bird. He'd make a great pie.
Great view... take the U turn or else leave your skull here... well done
Congrats j, well done indeed, reminds me of Salis.
Gold congrats, Martijn. The chop Gods favor you. Nice work
looks like you can walk right into it. nice

Funny Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Arrested for IIlegal Immigration

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Arrested for IIlegal Immigration
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Oh , that is some super cool saturation effect...

Funny Native American Security & Immigration

Native American Security & Immigration
Yes, Yes,,, GGGGGGrandfather had an immigration policy that was just as screwed up as we have today.
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Honestly, one of the smartest chops in the contest. Hats off.
tanks boss, Christopher Columbus's bunch was after all the 1st illegal immigrants. He didn't discover America, We discovered him, lost, hungry and 1/2 drunk.
Congrads on the top ten, great job and the work should have put this higher.

Funny Pac Man Immigration Road Sign

Pac Man Immigration Road Sign
Pac Man turns 30. Does Mexico have the right to complain about Arizona's immigration law. It's been a looong time Freakers, but here's a quick chop before bed. My favorite thing to do is blend unrelated stories and make a crazy image. Hope you like it.
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blend unrelated stories & crazy image: like it
good one killer, nice to see you again. grats on the woody.
Congrats Kbee Long time no see'um. Glad to see you back.
KB... You're back. Haven't been choppin much myself either--mostly cuz of other obligations. But always enjoy seeing entries from the "old timers".
Congrats on the wood thekillerbee. Job well done.
Thanks everyone. I had a blast chopping again. not sure just how many I can do with my schedule, but I'll try to fit some in here and there.

Funny US Extra Terrestial Immigration

US Extra Terrestial Immigration
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door." ~Emma Lazarus
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I like the idea, but the capital dome is lit from the bottom, but the statue is lit from above.
Added an additional light source from the extra terrestrial immigrants
Definitely a high quality chop, even though I must admit adding aliens is a bit too much for the composition.

Funny Mexican Immigration in American Gothic Painting

Mexican Immigration in American Gothic Painting
It influences in the arts.
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gold for sure, awesome idea and execution
Might want to add some shadows to their foreheads, and add the same texture to couple that is ine background...or removing the texture from the background may be better. You could also sharpen the guitar head and the front of man's sombrero, since they a blurry compared to the rest of the image. Nice use of colors
. The only thing that's throws it off it that there's no shadows cast by the hats onto their heads.
Junka, once again you are the man.
Quality work, but some shadows would help.

Funny Absolut Immigration Doorway

Absolut Immigration Doorway

Funny Boat Immigration to America

Boat Immigration to America
Travelling in comfort.
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I would like to see ol' Gran-mama with a fruitbowl hat a la Carmen Miranda. Congrats to a worthy winner. caption; 'Speedy Gonzalez.' or 'Granma's bitchin banana boat'

Funny American Indian Immigration Police

American Indian Immigration Police
The immigration polices 500+ years ago were just as screwed up then as they are now.

Funny Immigration Floodgates Open

Immigration Floodgates Open
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Nice chop good placement of crowd inside the bridge

Funny Immigration

Yesterday, the White House and key lawmakers reached a deal which will legalize millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, while securing the borders. It may now be tougher to sneak into the US, but all who crossed the border will get an amnesty. So, one hard step over American border is now one easy step for an American citizenship. In this contest you are asked to show how the flow of illegal immigration may change life in the United States. In other words show us how illegal immigrants would change the US if they ruled the country.

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