Vimeo Imitating Youtube
Vimeo Imitating Youtube
Vimeo Imitating Youtube. Member reactions:
"I wouldn't know the difference anyway."
nice and clean, like the screen shot BG. nice.
i like it (whisper* but you forgot the toolbar)
Nice imitation, looks so real and perfectly blended even the webpage behind looks so real

Funny Girl Imitating a Flamingo

Girl Imitating a Flamingo

Funny Joe Biden Imitating Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden Imitating Hillary Clinton
Biden is OK, but hes just not Hillary Clinton Scrappy Joe from Scranton, sensing a lack of personality would hurt against Palin, goes for the full Hillary CHANGE.

Funny Imitating Guitars

Imitating Guitars
Amateur Scottish guitarist @michaelmphysics used a basic knowledge of Photoshop to create Bass Dogs and Slug Solos Tumblrs where famous guitarists suddenly realize they've been playing dogs and slugs instead of guitars. We wonder if the slugs and dogs get ticklish in the process? Take photos of any musicians playing guitars and substitute guitars for some other objects, like in the examples above. Please note that we shifted the submission and voting deadlines by 12 hours for this contest.

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