The Treachery of Images
The Treachery of Images
The Treachery of Images.

Funny Kerry Washington as a Computer Generated Image

Kerry Washington as a Computer Generated Image
Actress:Kerry Washington stock image 'Feel' objects in thin air: The future of touch technology

Funny Surreal Photoshop Image

Surreal Photoshop Image
Member reactions:
It looks like lot of time spend in creating this freaky chop... many sources seen
It sure is a lot of cut and pasting, arranging and manipulating. It's a page from a psychiatric text on peyote or something Pretty cool. Wish it would have scored higher, D.

Funny Declassified Nasa Images of Moon Landing

Declassified Nasa Images of Moon Landing
"There were censored images and VOX communications that NASA kept the lid on for a long time."
Member reactions:
don't want to be a grammar nazi but there's no apostrophe in the word were. There's an extra "we" in there as well. It reads, "We are we we warned off the moon" and we should be capitalized. (We) Unless it's intentional then, nevermind.
THNX Fido for the comment, I really must have been getting tired when I put this image together. Utter shame on my copy writing skills, what a dunce I am." .

Funny Night HDR Image

Night HDR Image
Original picture
Member reactions:
This is Awesome
Full view: wunderbar. I am with Hitspinner. totally awesome photo to art work here.
Well guys ... its fattlal effect in Qtpfsgui software .... I photoshoped the result just for fine tunning. Anyway, Im so happy you liked it .
Amazing work , maybe I will change my style to this style moD you are rocking man ...

Funny Faking Loch Ness Monster Images

Faking Loch Ness Monster Images
Before P.C.'s and S.C.U.B.A., there was ... retouching the 'hard' way
Member reactions:
, it was much harder those days, so true.
Even harder to find a single-action airbrush for a source photo; I think this one's a 'Badger', like I had back in the early 70's
Thanks, y'all. Now if I can just figure out what happened when I converted this from the .PSD file at max (100%)quality, next time it won't be so pixellated ....

Funny B&W Image Colorized

B&W Image Colorized
Please check out B&W Source for comparison, I brought back alot of her hair detail that was lost in the black and white version tell me what you think B&W SOURCE
Member reactions:
Nice work... Her hands look a little bit too yellowish and greenish for my personal taste (especially her right hand, so, on the left side of the picture). Maybe too much fire in her hair (on the top) too... But it's an awesome colorization work overall.
Thanks Paul I agree with the hands ill take some of the color out to match them a little better
neck and bang line got muddied up a bit too much
I updated it with the fixed neck
That's a great job. I look forward to seeing more like this.
I like it. It looks like a b/w photo come to life in a golden glow.

Funny Tehran Protest Image

Tehran Protest Image
At least 7 people killed in Tehran protest

Funny Freaking News Classic Images

Freaking News Classic Images
Credits: JerryLambert, Hitspinner, AZRainman, Funkwood, Thekillerbee, Kratos5saif, drb3n, Rungue, johnx1, preemiememe, Dola, berdulano, Father Shark, Doxieone and Jeremix. Background: graphicman. Addendum: Unfortunately, my email to graphicman returned with invalid email address. Link.
Member reactions:
Jerry: Did a major overhaul after you saw just Teddy on the sofa.
I am all impressed... Lotz of great chopping and 16 sources..................
This looks like one of those hidden treasure video games, I was looking for the list of things to find great chop, two thumbs up.
21 sources.
.. soo cute..its like the family having a party..,, i must be tired,, it made me tear up... very nice..
This is so good..........i am glad that you used one of my creation also ..........its really looking like a family party.
I have mixed feelings about this chop - on the one hand I love it, on the other hand I REALLY love it. It's a freaking tribute, that's what it is. Thanks for the entertainment.
Super job and super gold foir Doxi. You done went and smoked everybody. What a great effort and so appropriate you won since it was your idea. Just to clear the record. I dunno how I got mentioned, this here contest was doxi's party and glad I was invited. : -->)
Great victory here ,Doxy. Realise your fans now want one of these every day.
Congratulations on the win, Doxie - great tribute to great choppers.
Hits, you got mentioned as you chopped the original tribute to Funkwood (which I used as the thumbnail). Doxie saw your "Funkwood chop" and then suggested a similar context (I then tweaked the contest directions)
perfect gold and first Advanced trophy, double congrats
Woohoo... If there was a real awards ceremony, I would say, "If it wasn't for my fellow FN'ers, I would not be here on the podium." And I would be 100% correct. I chopped JerryLambert's weeener dog (sounds dirty, ) with my Teddy's photo, but spent (a lot of) time chopping everyone else's great images - with the theme being animals and using graphicman's wonderful (and equally wonderfully empty) room creation. Thanks for all the thanks but you guys really did the hard work - I just shuffled the deck. newsie: You did a GREAT tweaking of what I originally suggested. I hope this contest can be used again. Jerry: This is my first gold, but not first advanced trophy. Jeremix:HA. It helps to have a job where I work out of the house. Less commuting time, more computer time.
yeah that's what I meant. glad my weeener could get you started, , I imagine much time went in this all together, get some sleep and congrats again.
just noticed my newspaper chop, thekillerbee is on there too
Congrats Dioxene Nice to see you got so many in's a real crowd pleaser.
Congratson the gold Doxi.. And what a way to get your first advanced gold. This is absolutely amazzzzing.. You put it all together so well and it's totally captivating. Hats off...
Great job Doxie and thanks for all the comments you make of on other entries. Congratulations it pure Gold.
jerry: Yeah, in the future Obama changed things for legalization regarding weed. AZ: That was the secret, AZ - how could people vote low on their OWN work. . fw: thANKS.. HoH: Thanks. I'm talky in person, too.ha.
Golden congrats Doxie. You did an amazing job. Don't spend all your winnings in one place now
Keep: That $5 feels like $500. AZ must feel like a freaking FN-zillionaire with all of his winnings.
CONGRATZZ ON THE GOLD Doxieone .... Great job and I was very happy that you used one of my pictures ^^
doxieeeeeeeeee))))))gold))))))))) congratulations
owo congratulations congratulations on the gold my friend that was amazzing work
THanks for the continuing thanks... oldman: .
Congrats Doxie for the Gold along with $500 feels like we have also won along with you
Dola: I couldn't have done it without you, and ...and... and... Literally. I always luved your honeymooners and was truly happy to be able find a way to use them in this.

Funny Copyright Infringement Obama Image

Copyright Infringement Obama Image
AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image
Member reactions:
They made you change it due Copyright Issues. Shocking. ...Considering it was for editorial Commentary.
Typical. Agency trying to make a buck after the fact.
Needed to be changed cause adding only 4 letters to a prefab image is not considered enough work. DO IT YOURSELF BARACK OBAMA POSTER Much stronger message with the current edit too
Yes. ...But is adding 4 colors to a photograph enough to constitute a Copyright claim. Although. We could consider that he was creating his masterpiece for the profit motives of somewhere between $1 and $5 Dollars. I could see how that would lead to a Civil Claim.
AP isn't going to get a dime from Fairey. Using a photograph for a derivative or transformative work of art is legal and done all the time.
I like it much better with the edit & speaks volumes more.
I agree, but I'm going to miss my Bush. congrats Luci.
much respect to you lucian, amazing work, you have redefined thinking outside the box.

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