Illogical Mr Spock Upside Down
Illogical Mr Spock Upside Down
Illogical Mr Spock Upside Down. Member reactions:
Always nice to see face manipulations in profile as it is much more difficult to achieve. Very nice work indeed. Have a look at your compression settings though as there is some pixilation in the background. You are permitted to upload images up to 350Kb so have another look at your settings as you are well under this limit. If necessary, make the finished image just slightly smaller so that you can maintain a higher quality setting.
I reckon I like this, the side profile brings it off well.
The only emotion I wish to convey is WoW Live long and prosper.
That should be better guys. bumped it to 350kb
Good work
1st and 3rd in my fave all time comp. im so happy i cant even say, thanks for all the votes guys
Hey John. Good 2cu win one of ya fave style contests. WTG
congratulations on the gold and bronze. Deserved award for such a good job.
Grats john, very cool...and a logical choice of subjects..
Simple and elegant. I voted high on this. Congrads
Congrats ,great work
Congrats on 1st and 3rd John. Excellent and clean execution.

Funny Illogical Demotivational Poster

Illogical Demotivational Poster
Member reactions:
Thank god its the village idiots and not the Village People.

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