Dwight Ike Eisenhower Portrait
Dwight Ike Eisenhower Portrait
Dwight Ike Eisenhower Portrait. An Ex US President and General
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LoLTT I Like also
ohhhh.. this one is goooood I really like what u did with the large hands and narrow shoulders ... and the (( painting inside a painting )) is smart move .... good luck
You chose that backgroundpicture to make us think it was a Funkwood, didn't you. Awesome work. Deserved victory for sure. Congrats Mr. Spinner.
Congratulations. This was a perfect representation of the man.
woooow that's really AMAZING WORK .. the whole work is fantastic here love all details , congrats on the Gold Hitman keep going .....
Congrats Hitman. You nailed this one, great caricature. I also like the Dali referrence, nice touch. I must say, you surprised me with this one.
, what a most welcome surprise to come back home to see this win. It's the 1st gold in over 40 entries. Thanks for the votes. Actually Jeremix, I am a big Dali Fan too. I wasn't even thinking of Funkwood but yeah, pretty fair aasumption as I do like to flip styles to keep you all guessing. I don't mean to brag but back in the day I was one of the few artists selected and hired by a Dali conservatory in Florida to repair his art. I'm pretty proud of that.
That is something to be proud of. Did you install hiden messages that the people will ponder over a hundred years from now.
No, Dali already had that covered pretty well, hehe. I just concentrated on retaining all forms of body fluid while getting close to the work... if you get my meaning hahahahaha
Thanks. A bit of trivia. After the war, Ike used to visit with Flo-Flo Peck, (his cook and supposed confidant during WWII) up at An old gold mining retreat called Follows Camp. (California) It was where I lived for about 17 years and remodled the old cabin where the president stayed during his visits. It was down a main dirt road and about 400 yards around the bend from my cabin. Flo- Flo was one of the more interesting people of history. She fought in the French resistance, moved to America and married Sedly Peck, the Nephew of Ralph Follows whom was one of the early gold prospectors and Inn Keepers in the San Gabriel Mountains. Upon his death Sedly and Flo-Flo continued to maintain the small resort and it was a huge favorite among the hollywood elite of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s that wanted out of town but not so far that they were no able to return quickly.
Very Nice Hits, and one of my favorite leaders too
Congrats Hit. I have heard there are those in the younger generation who have no idea who he is.
Thanks AZ,Iboudesign, Ricky, Stephen und Doxi. Yeah, Ike was pure and simple a leader of men, not a politician in a traditional sense. Therein is an enormous difference IMO Doxi, what you say is true. That is a sad testimony to the state of affairs of our school systems. I may have never been very good at spelling but I know what the words I use, mean. Expanding on that I may not be able to spell Eisenhower but I sure learned who he was and the deeds of the man. I think the difference there is my interest in learning was not estroyed by incentive- muting drugs like Ritilin, Paxil and Prozac. The kids now days don't have a chance confined in chemical restraints. In so many cases, they just don't care anymore.
A wonderful job, all around. You captured Ike perfectly.

Funny Tina Turner with I Like Ike Poster

Tina Turner with I Like Ike Poster

Funny Hurricane Ike Eisenhower

Hurricane Ike Eisenhower

Funny Ike

Press Corp: Mr. President... Dwight: You call me Ike Tea from now on, sucka.
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sweet. An idea that came to mind when I saw this: an oversided Gold nugget American flag on a thick chain around his neck... Some Patriot Bling .

Funny Ike Playing Golf on the Moon

Ike Playing Golf on the Moon
IKE would have loved those thin atmosphere drives on the Moon.
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Would have made the body bigger and added new background by extending the size at the top. It's a big world out there. It always depends on the what program you use.

Funny Hurricane Ike Turner

Hurricane Ike Turner

Funny Ike Dances

Ike Dances
Ike takes a dance break.
Member reactions:
Full view shows no reflection of Ike's feet on the stage. He looks like he's floating. Her hat casts a shadow on her face. Ike's hat doesn't. Ike needs a levels adjustment.
The picture is very "busy". Zooming in on Upper halves of the figures might be better.
Nice chop. Great idea. and Good presentation. Little critique: Where they are holding hands, the woman has arm darkening costume on and her hands are stark white. With this kind of situation, I would have darkend her hand quite a bit even though the source was stark white, just to keep the eye from being drawn to the work you did there. Doesn't hurt your score in my opinion at all.. just personal preference.

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