Funny Bruce Willis, One Iguana

Bruce Willis, One Iguana
Yippee Ki Yay
Member reactions:
Looks like an alien. Did you try in green .
I was sure this was the winner. . 100% sure. I don't think you grabbed as many "creative" points as you deserved. These are often judged on technical merit alone. But you got gold in my book
Thanks, Everyone. Thanks Ernie. Thanks Hits, your right. I was surprised to see this one struggle up from the bottom. I thought a little additional concept and composition would bring the gold home. Dang...almost.
Yeah, one would think the extra ambience would be a clincher but the traditionalists in what has evolved into a traditionalist venue won't have any of that. God knows I have tried throwing in whopper A+++ chops just to get tanked by exceptionally executed swaps. So there is a lesson here. Flow with it and have fun. Cheers... until the next one.

Funny Metal Iguana

Metal Iguana
Photo Of Inspiration Large View
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats, SiverCanine. Fantastic metal lizard build.
Welcome back... Congrats on the Silver cup. Way to return in style
Congrats on the silver k9,exellent Iguana.
Congrats on the trophy, what you did ain't easy to do.

Funny Short Iguana Jumping

Short Iguana Jumping

Funny Iguana Smoking Marijuana

Iguana Smoking Marijuana
Jamaican Mariguana
Member reactions:
Great play on words
...now that's Kewl chopp'n, Hidden. psst...nothing in his smoking bowl
Thanks Splat for pointing out my oversight. A very important detail---now added.
Congratulations on the Win, LunaC. Super Build, A Masters Work.
Gold congrats LunaC,this chop is a masterpiece
Stunning work, congrats on the gold, Luna.
, thought it would win and it did. Congratulations on the Gold.

Funny Iguana with Many Eyes

Iguana with Many Eyes

Funny Iguana Horse at the Beach

Iguana Horse at the Beach
Member reactions:
This Looks Awesome Well done hidden..Nice Shadow work too..
With global weird, this is very possible.
Beautiful. Creepy as hell, but really nicely done.
opcrom ... Gold congrats ... He's a lovely creature...
Breathtaking work, even on the skin texture and the shadows.
Congrats on the gold, opcrom. You are on a roll, sir.
Thank you very much.. I did not expect win this time, there are many entries that I think are better than mine, so thank you for give me the gold.
Quite excellent. You worked hard on this and deserves the gold, Congrats......
This very nice and a lot of work . Perfect

Funny Turkey Iguana Hybrid on a Rock

Turkey Iguana Hybrid on a Rock
Member reactions:
nice work, that looks great, very realistic
Excellent chameleon turkey changing the colors according to the festival let's see what color will come this thanksgiving Very Well blend
Brilliant work of mix, beautifully chopped its very cool colors and looks very real
If you submitted a bigger image, this may have taken gold. Congratulations, very realistic and convincing. I voted high for this one.
congrats really real looking... taste like......
congrats really real looking... taste like......
Wood for SF too - most brilliant animal hybrid here. Congrats.

Funny Peeling a Banana Iguana

Peeling a Banana Iguana
Member reactions:
Excellent chop a green banana and Green lizard coming out to save the green planet good message
Green creature is fantastic placed with Banana.. Lovely Idea very cleverly executed, So goood...

Funny Penguin Camel Iguana Hybrid Animal

Penguin Camel Iguana Hybrid Animal
Member reactions:
so well designed with the bird face on its heap and the snake on its face

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