OMNICORP IGOREK. Member reactions:
Awesome job making Bots appear battle worn.. Love the recycled Buick look of one..
Congrats OllieR, good work on the Robots, Congrats on the win, ReggieRey is right...
Woody Congrats, Ollie. So many awesome entries, and this is one of them. Unresized looks like a movie poster.
Nice Job of matching the bot textures, Ollie. Congrats.

Funny Igorek Upgrade

Igorek Upgrade
Member reactions:
Whoa Hidden, a Killer job. Absolutely. The original +view knocks the socks off..
Tell me all of your secrets... I don't even have a clue how somebody can make something so smooth and detailed and amazing and and and everything.
Congrats on the win, the tongue on the Robot is something else, good thinking and great job.
I hoped this was yours - we'd be sunk if there were TWO choppers this good. Congratulations. Well deserved.
A creative work of fantastic detail. Don't get much better, Gold congrats Manosart.
Inspirational Work, Mano. Congrats on the Win.
CLEAN. Congrats on the superb chop and win

Funny Mr. and Mrs. Igorek at Family Dinner

Mr. and Mrs. Igorek at Family Dinner
Member reactions:
. This is too cute Hidden. What a great original idea and the little one with binky.
This is so adorable. It reminds me of one of the old rides at Epcot where they showed the families of the future.
This one is just so darn Adorable, Congrats on your win.
Thanks, everyone. Lots of hours, lots of source hunting, glad to place.
Great idea and job icy.Congrats on the Bronze.
A lot of work and it shows, great composite, Icy. Congrats on the cup..
Super chop and great on catching the bronze.

Funny Igorek Is Lovin' It!

Igorek Is Lovin' It!
Member reactions:
Igorek fits well here. He's that drive thru call box that always gets your order "WRONG".
Good Pic, SplatShot has what he said "Right".
He picked a really cool McDonalds to visit. Fits together well.

Funny Igorek vs Bronco

Igorek vs Bronco
Member reactions:
All that work on Bronco and Igorek just unceremoniously ripped him apart.

Funny It's all phony Igorek

It's all phony Igorek
No videos, no movement, just a phony Eyesore
Member reactions:
Good stuff, and Igorek launching rocket man takes care of eyesore

Funny Battle Igorek

Battle Igorek

Funny "Igorek"

The Russian maker of the AK-47 unveiled a new golden robot on Tuesday at the Army-2018 Forum in Moscow. The robot is 13 feet tall, weighs about 4.5 tons, and has apparently been named "Igorek." Continuing the past tradition of contest with provided source images, photoshop the supplied image of Igorek (photo credit: CEN/ any way you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For the supplied image of Igorek  Visit This Link

For more funny photoshop pix visit Freaking News front page.