The Idiot Test
The Idiot Test
The Idiot Test. Member reactions:
Thanks MsgtBob and as always ReggieRey, Thank you so much ......

Funny Idiot With The Pearl Earring

Idiot With The Pearl Earring
Member reactions:
Ha This is great. Matches painting perfectly.
Skilled and clever way to put the face on FatherShark. Woody congrats.

Funny Village Idiot

Village Idiot
Member reactions:
It wouldn't be FN without one last parody. love her painterly filter. I feel like I'm losing family members, keep Chopping. All the best

Funny Kanye West the Idiot Caricature

Kanye West the Idiot Caricature
He makes it so easy. Cool contrast, grain and texture effects were done in Topaz Adjust 4. Topaz Vivacity effects were obtained in Topaz Clean 3. Water effect was done in Flaming Pear's "Flood" EFXs, a free shareware just in case anyone wondered.
Member reactions:
Funky image, thanks for info on how it was done
Excellent work. Thanks for the explanation on how you did the picture.
Wicked, can I borrow some of that fantastic imagination, the chops you come up with. Congrats on the win, love it.
Congrats Hitman. Great chopp'n on a hot topic. Is it the Topaz sharpen edges filter taking to an extreme that creates the squiggled texture on the wall, straitjacket and his face.
Great effect with the water. Particularly around the body.
Thanks be to : Dunce Cap Elegary Doc SS Hobbit, I just sen you a Jar of Imaginomojo DC again Joan Sullishire Young Master Elegary Crafty Christine Zee Doc-tor Ross
Got it Hitspinner, now I have to try and put it at good use. Thanks.
Funny looking snake, Hitman. Looks like a turd snake ...was that purposeful. If so "genius".
Thanks Bob, Thanks SS. SS it is as you think it is. hehehe. You can buy them right next to whoopee cushions. I just added the eye in an effort to make it ambiguous enough to float past Kellie, Mac and Newsy.

Funny Our Idiot Soldier

Our Idiot Soldier
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Funny Village Idiot Contest with Assad, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Un

Village Idiot Contest with Assad, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Un
It looks like all three of them won the Village Idiot Contest. Are you surprised.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. "I can hear the Winner's Bell, now." Good Luck.
All three were winners and were in 1st place.... Hilarious I love to see the all the caricature heads of these idiots good contest idea
Creative Concept And Cosutme are very well designed
And the winner is hidden, Perfect FreakShow Pic
Congratulations. Great renditions of the World Idiots-at-Large.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Waiting to see your new hair styles.
Three cuties, hahaha. Congrats on the wood too, Paul.

Funny Jon Stewart with Sean Penn the Idiot

Jon Stewart with Sean Penn the Idiot
Jon Stewart nearly quit his show
Member reactions:
Great caricature.... Love this chop good job done

Funny Idiot American Voters

Idiot American Voters
Member reactions:
Tearing face of obama looks nice, good idea
Well Emerge of Romney from Obama.... another 4 years of Nightmare to my citizens
I see, American politics works like Russian matryoshkas Wood congrats, Paul.
Newsy...I think you've had too much spiced Borscht...I didn't win anything.

Funny Tech Idiots with phone Heads

Tech Idiots with phone Heads
Member reactions:
The modern version of the Three Stooges. Funny.
One of the funniest chops in the contest for me.

Funny Barack Obama the Idiot

Barack Obama the Idiot
Something has to be wrong because, flies,bees, and mice seem to come around him.
Member reactions:
the fly and other flies. They prolly don't know the White House is a no-fly zone.
Thank you Riccardo, Happy New Year to you too.
Let's see...How does that Carpenter's song go again. "Why do flies and rats always appear Every time you are near. Unlike me, they long to be close to you(meaning Obama, of course)."

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