American Icons on the Fourth of July
American Icons on the Fourth of July
American Icons on the Fourth of July. Remembering Great American Icons: John “Duke” Wayne , Ronald “Dutch” Reagan and SuperMan as UncleSam
Member reactions:
Cool . I would add some transparency to the green containers.
Excellent work. Adding transparency and light shadow on the glass containers would make it even better indeed. Also, I would try to make the tags "Big John" and "Dutch" a big curvy, following the shape of the cans.
Thanks lucaino and NewsMaster, but this is first time checking in on this contest since entering. And with only 10 minutes left I believe it's too late for edits. But you where dead on with the advice, and I would have made the edits with more time.
All heroes in their own right, huh. Great build, Champ Happy 4th and congrats

Funny Giraffe Eating a Facebook Icon Above the Clouds

Giraffe Eating a Facebook Icon Above the Clouds
Avi size
Member reactions:
Cooool. I'd put a facebook logo somewhere on the doors to fit the contest directions nicely though
Lovely visuals.... Giraffe is peeping out of the clouds and trying the riddle
Looks very beautiful The Door Opens to which way.
Silver Congrats, Gummy. Also, Pic of the Day congrats, Gum great job.
Congrats on the Silver. In other words: w00t...
CONGRATS Gummy...the check is STILL in the mail.

Funny Fast Food Icons in the Bath Tub

Fast Food Icons in the Bath Tub
Member reactions:
Thanks, everybody...pree...GOTCHA.
Very clever, I didn't pick up on the food to start with.
This room is for all great job done with the room filled with water and the duck is dancing over the small boat Amazing chop seen Pears Soap.... old ad i love this soap
LOve it, awesome chop with intelligent merge. a perfect cut
Thanks, Ivan. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, jeremix.
I suddenly have a erge for McDonald's ,,KFC,,Burger King and Jackinthebox.... congratulations.. pcrdds
Many cute and funky elements here - looks like a bathroom party. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, young Mr. S. Thanks, Newsy. Everything here with the exception of pree and the mouse on the frog is from commercials. Colonel Sanders, Jack, Hamburglar, Ronald, Burger King, Speedy Alka Seltzer, the Aflac Duck and the Geico Gekko.

Funny Andy Rooney American Icon

Andy Rooney American Icon

Funny Burning Wooden Icon

Burning Wooden Icon
Please comment my work ; )
Member reactions:
She's on fire. Impressive composition and blending.
I like this a lot. The only thing I see that needs a bit of touching up is blending in the back of her head. But I love the concept, and the rest of the blending, and especially the fire is VERY impressive.

Funny Lindsay, an American icon

Lindsay, an American icon
It appears Andy had a time machine, since he died before Lindsay was born. . .or it COULD be a forgery. . .
Member reactions:
Actually, Warhol died after she was born Nice colors... happy eye candy.
I made a Michelangelo's David one like this very recently. Yours is better

Funny Hollywood Dead Icons Ghosts

Hollywood Dead Icons Ghosts
My first attempt.
Member reactions:
Nicely done. I recognize Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Liz Taylor and Humphrey Bogart - who are the two next to him. Is that Elvis to the right.
Left to Right: Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Elvis Presley. Thanks.
Great work. Filled with nostalgia for the old times...

Funny Pop Icon Cher Pop Art

Pop Icon Cher Pop Art

Funny Russian Wonder Woman Icon

Russian Wonder Woman Icon
Russia and America have the same colours of the flag.

Funny Hollywood Sign Landmark Icon

Hollywood Sign Landmark Icon
just my feelings on this whole issue on this landmark and Icon of U.S.history
Member reactions:
Thank you newsmaster . not to happy with this issue .Shows everyone everything has a price .. its SAD SO WHATS NEXT .

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