Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap
Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap
Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap.

Funny Ice Sitting Olympics

Ice Sitting Olympics
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, if you don't want to use the indoor double toilets better be prepared like Putin
Ha Ha Ice Sitting... or spell mistake Putin looks a possible winner
Looks like a possible sport for David Blaine. That's a hoot.
I would suggest Putins skin tone to be done some how to looks a bit more of it Excellent expressions Great chop
Looks like team Russia is cheating here, hahaha. Great humor.
Thanks, everyone. Cheating Russians. Never. .
Nice one Doc, funny. Congrats on the gold

Funny Penguin Drifting on Ice in the Ocean

Penguin Drifting on Ice in the Ocean
Member reactions:
I learned a new word from this chop. Love it.
In any situation they support to each other..This is called happy family
This is the result of Global Warming... amazed to see a tree grown on Ice Berg Save Penguins save Earth
Sad,touching and profound.Amazing chop,love it
excellent view. nice caricature good storm effects,
This looks line our next future. Great execution I love the storm too
This could be our next future...sad....but beautiful job done
Awesome work, and the dark red sky gives it an apocalyptic touch - works well with this composition.
Congrats on the wood, buna. You are on a roll.
. I can't believe it. Thanks all for your comments and thanks for the trophy.
bunacode its very pretty.... Congratulations
Drama.. Well done chop and nice contrast control. Congrats.
by the way, congrats to those of you who also won trophy's for this one. Your comment boxes are disabled on my end so am posting this message here instead.
Congratulations on the cup Bunacode. Your beginning to make a habit of this.
Nice work bunacode it's a family affair Congrats on the wood.

Funny Ice Diving - 1.5m Springboard

Ice Diving - 1.5m Springboard
Member reactions:
I agree...this is a sport for hard rock heads
This is called Freak-Championship , and every candidate come with 100% dedication to it with thoughts on mind "DO OR DIE"
Well you do have one chance in 3 to get it right...
Sorry I was confused, first time I thought hole were produced by the first three crushed athlets

Funny Vlad Putin Freeing a Ship Trapped in Ice

Vlad Putin Freeing a Ship Trapped in Ice
Akademik Shokalskiy, Ship Trapped In Antarctic Ice
Member reactions:
Polar bears come on the ship with the vulture. Nice chop.

Funny Winter Ice House Clowns

Winter Ice House Clowns
Member reactions:
Ha ha White House Down in winter and the remake of clowns is really awesome with colorful dresses

Funny Obama and Hillary Clinton Slipping on Ice

Obama and Hillary Clinton Slipping on Ice

Funny Ice Seagull

Ice Seagull
Member reactions:
Beautiful Pigeom Very clean and neat job done..
The Seagull placed herself as an invisible creature in this beautiful background good work using this trick well done

Funny Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia

Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia
OOps I was too late for the Snowden Contest. Hope you like it anyway.

Funny Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil

Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil
Member reactions:
Whoah, what dainty hands I would just stick my face in front of that gun and say "let er rip boys"
I just love this freaking gun fully loaded with crazy shots coming out to destroy all bad/dirty thought and will fill the environment with all chocolaty feelings, very sweet placement, Lovely work. Good luck
Very innovative idea... this looks like they are delivering ice creams to the kids stranded in flood affected areas Buy why there are sweating
Sweet. I was actually considering buying the KinchenAid mixer Congrats on the silver, Wanderer.
Well done a delicious chop Nice 2 spot W

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