Winter Ice House Clowns
Winter Ice House Clowns
Winter Ice House Clowns. Member reactions:
Ha ha White House Down in winter and the remake of clowns is really awesome with colorful dresses

Funny Obama and Hillary Clinton Slipping on Ice

Obama and Hillary Clinton Slipping on Ice

Funny Ice Seagull

Ice Seagull
Member reactions:
Beautiful Pigeom Very clean and neat job done..
The Seagull placed herself as an invisible creature in this beautiful background good work using this trick well done

Funny Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia

Edward Snowden Trapped in Ice in Russia
OOps I was too late for the Snowden Contest. Hope you like it anyway.

Funny Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil

Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil
Member reactions:
Whoah, what dainty hands I would just stick my face in front of that gun and say "let er rip boys"
I just love this freaking gun fully loaded with crazy shots coming out to destroy all bad/dirty thought and will fill the environment with all chocolaty feelings, very sweet placement, Lovely work. Good luck
Very innovative idea... this looks like they are delivering ice creams to the kids stranded in flood affected areas Buy why there are sweating
Sweet. I was actually considering buying the KinchenAid mixer Congrats on the silver, Wanderer.
Well done a delicious chop Nice 2 spot W

Funny David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt

David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt
Davis Blaine likes to try the impossible. If he escapes from the block of ice, he is likely to make a tasty snack for this huge Polar Bear.
Member reactions:
Great job in putting him inside the ice block with bear licking him to taste his blood good view of underground water
Love this chop. His front paw infront of the ice cube would look good.

Funny Nemo 2013 Ice Age

Nemo 2013 Ice Age
Out of a blizzard came a city ready to embrace the new ice age.

Funny Fell Through The Ice

Fell Through The Ice
Member reactions:
Nice falling of the Pin and the shape created on the ice is really amazing good job done

Funny Biggest Ice Cream Ever

Biggest Ice Cream Ever
Member reactions:
Yummy... the torch changes to ice-cream too cool and good one

Funny fire and ice

fire and ice
the women used were models, the renders used was the ice man in the corner, and D-mans render of Pree in a bathing suit. I hope she doesnt kill me for turning her into a fire pixie. All ice conversions and fire were done by me.
Member reactions:
Great combination of fire and ice both were beautiful in their own aspects lovely girl made of fire...

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