Vladimir Putin Skating on Thin Ice
Vladimir Putin Skating on Thin Ice
Vladimir Putin Skating on Thin Ice. Skate on thin ice - If someone is skating on thin ice, they are taking a big risk. (English Idioms)
Member reactions:
When Putin is skating, is ice to risk something
Like the work on the fall and the icy skate background good work

Funny Unfrozen Movie Icing Out the Oscar Competition

Unfrozen Movie Icing Out the Oscar Competition
It's gonna win, sure bet.
Member reactions:
Lovely cool chop... Its below freezing world

Funny Ice Dancers Digital Art

Ice Dancers Digital Art
I love the grace, beauty, and athletic ability of the ice dancers. They are one of my favourites to watch on the Olympic Games. digital art
Member reactions:
Speedy effect near her hand is very cleaver

Funny Man and a Woman Ice Dancing

Man and a Woman Ice Dancing
I don't usually use the Adjustments Panel much, but the Levels Adjustment made a dramatic difference in this painting. The woman's costume may look a little Christmassy and that's because I did it around Christmas when I was in a Christmas mood. digital art digital art.
Member reactions:
Hands and fingers of the man and of the woman may beed more accurate work so they dont look deformed. Decent work otherwise

Funny Ice Lifting Olympics

Ice Lifting Olympics
Member reactions:
Oh, boy... hysterical... 10 from Elton, hahaha.
Elton and Judge Dread think so. I think a competition like this would be a riot Thanks folks
I dunno why... but I laughed so hard at judge dread... his expression is too funny.
Thank you folks. Some don't do as well as others, Elegary. I Expected it because voters have gotten used to the chops more modified. But sometimes modifying a chop is overkill when it isn't necessary to deliver the message in a more "lifelike" chop. But it isn't likely to get a trophy either. So sometimes you just have to do what is right for the chop and skreuw the consequences.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Gay Ice Skater

Vladimir Putin the Gay Ice Skater
Member reactions:
Outstanding chop. He knows how to hit the jurorsColo
Thought this one might win. Very well done

Funny Flower Power Ice Skater

Flower Power Ice Skater

Funny Old Lady Ice Skating Show

Old Lady Ice Skating Show
Member reactions:
Very creative, and looks so real too. Luv it

Funny Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap

Rally Cars Driving Into an Ice trap

Funny Ice Sitting Olympics

Ice Sitting Olympics
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, if you don't want to use the indoor double toilets better be prepared like Putin
Ha Ha Ice Sitting... or spell mistake Putin looks a possible winner
Looks like a possible sport for David Blaine. That's a hoot.
I would suggest Putins skin tone to be done some how to looks a bit more of it Excellent expressions Great chop
Looks like team Russia is cheating here, hahaha. Great humor.
Thanks, everyone. Cheating Russians. Never. .
Nice one Doc, funny. Congrats on the gold

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