David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt
David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt
David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt. Davis Blaine likes to try the impossible. If he escapes from the block of ice, he is likely to make a tasty snack for this huge Polar Bear.
Member reactions:
Great job in putting him inside the ice block with bear licking him to taste his blood good view of underground water
Love this chop. His front paw infront of the ice cube would look good.

Funny Nemo 2013 Ice Age

Nemo 2013 Ice Age
Out of a blizzard came a city ready to embrace the new ice age.

Funny Fell Through The Ice

Fell Through The Ice
Member reactions:
Nice falling of the Pin and the shape created on the ice is really amazing good job done

Funny Biggest Ice Cream Ever

Biggest Ice Cream Ever
Member reactions:
Yummy... the torch changes to ice-cream too cool and good one

Funny fire and ice

fire and ice
the women used were models, the renders used was the ice man in the corner, and D-mans render of Pree in a bathing suit. I hope she doesnt kill me for turning her into a fire pixie. All ice conversions and fire were done by me.
Member reactions:
Great combination of fire and ice both were beautiful in their own aspects lovely girl made of fire...

Funny Ice Age Night Drift

Ice Age Night Drift
Member reactions:
Nice, like the way the Mother Liberty illuminating the torch showing a ray of hope at the time of distress
Awesome. Half in water and half present, nice idea
Thank you Rajeshstar & balodiya
Hahaha, one of my favorites in the contest.

Funny Hummer vs Ice

Hummer vs Ice
Hummer vs Balaton
Member reactions:
Great concept of get the titanic couple out, great to see the old titanic and the iceberg with a lighting over the sky
What a fantastic color, and like the thunder work great work.

Funny Strange Men Ice Swimming

Strange Men Ice Swimming
Member reactions:
Hilarious. You know, of course I charge for head use. .
And he isn't anymore muscular ... Big feet and no muscle hahaha .
Big feet, big.................. . Bwahahahahahahahahhahah
We can't know it, he wears a bath towel.. Sorry ... Hahaha .
Now this is one twisted couple. Funny to be sure.
You know what they say about a man with big feet....
D-MAN : l m a o . Hahaha .
Thanks everyone. Sorry D, sorry Paul. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah

Funny Ice Jaws

Ice Jaws
Just when you thought it was safe to go ice fishing....

Funny Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New Year

Polar Bear And Ice Fisherman Celebrate New Year
Member reactions:
Great. Gee...I wonder who could have done this. Lol.
Freaking excellent.. What's his name, i't's right on the tip of my tongue.
It's done in good spirits - I'll call this a Happy Chop. Brilliant.
Congrats to another Gold Pree . Love it ...
ty newsmaster ,,robinrobin,, Chilli
Gold Congrats. Wonderful chop pree-me . . . super crispy clean with great details I especially love the angles on the two heads . I think Artie would love it
Congrats pree..... Excellent, funny, complicated..... what more could you want.

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