Iceland Selfoss
Iceland Selfoss
Iceland Selfoss. Member reactions:
Imaginative thinking grabs you the Wood. Congrats, HH.
Congrats knocking down a cup, HH. Beautiful postcard job.

Funny American Tourists Have a Picnic in Iceland

American Tourists Have a Picnic in Iceland
Please view full image American tourists having picnic on Iceland glacier rescued after it becomes iceberg and floats away - with them on it
Member reactions:
All Big Wigs were on the Iceland with turns to a floating glacier enjoying the ride with Penguins very crazy picnic Good idea to put an Umbrella marking "HELP" on it
Good One gugulanul. ; ) Congratulations on the Bronze.
Full view is a beauty. Congrats on the bronze, gugu.
Thank you very much,geriatric,penaplonk,Bmore and NewsMaster ... ...

Funny Iceland Olympic Postage Stamp

Iceland Olympic Postage Stamp
I feel that everybody forgets that iceland exists. I HAD to represent them somehow. Unfortunately all that i know them for is volcanoes and Bjork. So, I capitalized on both of those things. And besides, if riding a team of synchronised swans out of an active volcano doesn't get you some kind of gold, then the Olympics is even more lame than we all thought it was to begin with.
Member reactions:
Excellent work with Swans and the Olympic race begins in Iceland good representation of the Country...
Its very nice, good blur background and cool font

Funny Iceland's Sky Is Closed Over Volcano

Iceland's Sky Is Closed Over Volcano
Aviation authorities on red alert for ash cloud after Iceland is forced to close airspace over Bardarbunga volcano

Funny Earth Iceland Day

Earth Iceland Day
Member reactions:
Nice but I wish the composition was more centered

Funny Iceland Volcanic Ash Art

Iceland Volcanic Ash Art
WEll, my first creation i Hope u like the reflection of the sun into the ash cloud at a diff location
Member reactions:
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Next time check the Comments section, for tips, before voting begins. I would have scored higher if you supplied the link. Rules-Rules-Rules...

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