Dame Ian McKellen
Dame Ian McKellen
Dame Ian McKellen. Member reactions:
Almost looks like "Grandma Walton". Looks Good.
Amazing work Craftllord, one of the best in the contest. The blured background is a great touch.

Funny Ian Mckellen Brian Cox

Ian Mckellen Brian Cox
Member reactions:
Excellent except small problems around the mouth.

Funny Ian McKellen Old Man PS4 Game

Ian McKellen Old Man PS4 Game
Sir Ian McKellen PS4 Farcry 4 Source
Member reactions:
Great looking chop, hidden ... Great caricature work, and nice use of sharpness/blur contrast to separate the foreground figures from the background ... and I love what you've done with the type as well. My only nitpick would be the positioning of his right foot... it seems a tad askew.
I tried to make his foot up in a cartoonish way ,, like the blast blew it up Ill see what I can do to fix it QT
Thanks for listing the source, man it is a nice one. Great gamer site for references. I didn't even know about it. Thanks. Great use, sweet job.
Brilliant work overall. The right hand seems in awkward position in respect to the body. Also the legs use a different contrast and brightness levels from the head and the arms - would be better to level them
silvercane thats funny that was my first logo I made then at the last min I changed it..
Ha, ha, ha, wonderful caricature, another masterpiece.
Congrats, Preemiememe and thank you for MASTERPIECE.
Congrats Pree, great jobgold
Thanks guys.... I need to thank my son Ian for telling me about this game....

Funny Ian McKellen Caricature

Ian McKellen Caricature
Tomorrow (5-25-2014) is the birthday of Ian McKellen, known for playing the parts of Gandalf and Magneto in the hobbit and X-men series. Wikipedia News Link: McKellen Me Softly sources
Member reactions:
Brilliant chop. McKellen is a pro actor with solid performances through the years. Formally speaking Wiki articles are not news. I plugged for you an interesting article about LGBT community honoring McKellen this week.
ah, what would i do without you. cool link by the way.. that first art piece is great.
Superb caricature, I would lower a bit the cat .
thanks guys. yeah, i see what you mean,luciano, but it is already flattened and it looks like a lot of work.
You did a fantastic job on this, congrats on the win.
great Job Jeremix...... Congrats on the gold..
it's a good week for jere. thanks again, people.
Nice work jere-in-the-mix Great caricature work. I wasn't sure who's this was. I love the title of the newslink I do see what Luciano means about the kittycat maybe it would have also looked better without the one hind paw appearing. Regardless, it's a great looking chop. Congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. You are outdoing yourself with every new chop.

Funny Ian Somerhalder at the End of the World

Ian Somerhalder at the End of the World
Please view full screen.
Member reactions:
Excellent job, hidden. If I can make a suggestion...the base of the pedestal looks level, while the tile looks slanted down. If you'd put an extension of the blocks on each end of the pedestal base, it would look like it was touching the tiles. JMO.
Thank you very much for your comment and observations, comments, too. Unfortunately, I can not just fix the bugs because I'm at school and the police do not have computers at my place. I apologize for it, as well as errors in the image.
Great illuminated background and the roaring tiger stoles the show here
Bronze congrats, ama. Great to see you back.
Congratulations Amadeus. Freaking Superb.
Thank you very much for all the congratulations, nice of you. Excuse me, now that I write back, but all day long shooting range and there was no signal for mobile internet networks.

Funny Ian McKellen the Simian

Ian McKellen the Simian
Member reactions:
Great look.... good to see this grayscale image... well done

Funny Drawing of Ian Somerhalder

Drawing of Ian Somerhalder
Drawing from Ian Somerhalder. This is my drawing. Ian Joseph Somerhalder is an American actor and model, best known for playing Boone Carlyle in the TV drama Lost and Damon Salvatore in the TV drama The Vampire Diaries. I hope you like this drawing, Ian.
Member reactions:
Thank u, thank u very much RICKYTREK1 and SplatShot.

Funny Ian Matuszak the Legendary Jiu Jitsu Master

Ian Matuszak the Legendary Jiu Jitsu Master
My New Friend IAN UFC
Member reactions:
Very nicely done, hidden. Hmmmmm...that name rings a bell.
His finger looks a bit short for nasal-passage maintenance.
Great caricature... and agreed to Dman his finger looks short for both nasal and other passage maintenance
Lovely subject chosen, and nice caricature work. Congrats on the wood, dnunciate.

Funny Ian McKellen Moustair

Ian McKellen Moustair
Member reactions:
Great Pic for the contest and excellent job..

Funny Ian Frolics

Ian Frolics
Member reactions:
Nice job, Pree. Reminds me a poster of "Yes Man".
my son was acting crazy so i grabbed the camera .

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