Duchess said, I'm Uglier
Duchess said, I'm Uglier
Duchess said, I'm Uglier . Duchess Quinten Massys

Funny And They `Say I'm Rotten`!

And They `Say I'm Rotten`!
Member reactions:
They are definitely rotten to the core..great concept and picture hobbit90
Thanks Fugit, they taught me the True Meaning of Rotten.

Funny Dang, I'm Getting Old!

Dang, I'm Getting Old!
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Great birthday tribute and ageing treatment.
Nicely aged and blended..she is ageing gracefully..👍

Funny Pretty, I'm so Pretty.

Pretty, I'm so Pretty.

Funny `I'm sorry miss jackson`

`I'm sorry miss jackson`
Member reactions:
Top 5 Grats, Fugit. Funny Stuff, Sam will love it.
, this too is a Good One, Congrats on 5th.

Funny I'm So Pretty!

I'm So Pretty!
Member reactions:
Flawless blending, Hobbit. Big view is so disturbing

Funny I'm moving to Canada Again

I'm moving to Canada Again
Barbra Streisand Click Here For Her Stupid Song
Member reactions:
Great job on Babs The Bearded Lady, Gumster.

Funny I'm your boyfriend now Nancy

I'm your boyfriend now Nancy
Member reactions:
A impressive job, FatherShark that just needed a little clean up defringing of white around the glove fingers.

Funny `I'm A Bad Man`

`I'm A Bad Man`
Member reactions:
Awesome image of a brawling drinking two fisted Pope.
I have used that source and you did a fine job...

Funny Darn I'm Short

Darn I'm Short
Member reactions:
Might be short, but Yuuuge feet. Great work Hidden.
Somehow those feet just don't go with that lovely, sweet face. Delighted to meet the person behind all those awesome Hobbit chops.
ReggieRey, you're too sweet.

Funny Pope Francis "I'm A Bad Man"

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has acknowledged that his reputation pales compared to St. John Paul II. He revealed that he once made money by kicking people out of clubs as a bouncer in Buenos Aires. Then while greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, Francis quipped: "(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil." Francis' quip appeared to acknowledge that he has his detractors, particularly among conservative Catholics. (Themepost Photo credit: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images) With the Pope's latest revelations in mind, photoshop him as a tough guy, bouncer, or devil, anyway you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. The story on his visit to the Baltics HERE

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