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Funny Hypnosis Pictures

Obama HypnosisFunny Obama Hypnosis
Member reactions:
Obama's evil hypnosis trickery
Great satire work, just plug the news story as contest directions require.
I added a news story. Fragmented, be sure to add a news story next time or it could be disqualified.

Hypnosis of Ralph NaderFunny Hypnosis of Ralph Nader
Member reactions:

You Will Vote Nader. You Will Vote Green. Ralph Nader is your Master.
Oh my God. After seeing that, I think will vote for Nader.
Very "hypnotic"...I like this very much, it's well done, imaginative and best of all, , my fav colour...greeeeeeen
--> I agree with you, Maidenheaven...I'm lovin' the green. This is great work. It would make an excellent book cover.

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