MythBusters'  Jamie Hyneman
MythBusters'  Jamie Hyneman
MythBusters' Jamie Hyneman. Member reactions:
I like the presentation and tones. ah... he has his Masters eyes.
Thank you Hobbit and SplatShot for the nice comments. Good eye Splats, it's true he does have his Master's eyes, and a little of his goatee and lip too
Great work Reggie.Congrats on the gold.
Fan-tastic I'm now a fan,great work, thanks for playing.
Grats on the Win, Reggie. almost twins MythBusters, a great show I guess. But avoid the episode of the pigs and Corvette. Dat's Nutts. (:
Thanks Mano, yours is great work as well.
Appreciate your compliments HH and thank you for playing.
Thanks Splats, I'll avoid MBs Ep/pigs n Vett I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work...

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