Kim Jong Un as Jabba the Hut
Kim Jong Un as Jabba the Hut
Kim Jong Un as Jabba the Hut. Kim strung out on opium
Member reactions:
Best in the original view. Impressive composition, though there are big discrepancies between the resolution of the sources - e.g. Obama figure on the right is so fuzzy compared to the glass just next to it, and the princess' body is quite blurry while her head is not.
You would throw money and flowers and send virgins to me if you had any idea what miracles I worked with these sources just to get them to this point. Really. Bruhaha. Thanks Newsy, Luciano, Eric. Layers and Sulli.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. I know you do a lot of work with these sources to make them work better, but why not try to find some alternative high-res sources.
congrats hits. funny idea and i like how you merged the face here.
Newsy, because that would change the dynamic overall. I can live with small technical issues on idea driven chops. On technically driven chops, no, I nit pick everything. This one was just a quickie for giggles. Thanks Jere, Doc and NM.
Awesome Chop Hits, great choice for Kim merge.. Silver Cup Congrats
Love your Imagination, congrats on the win................

Funny Barack Obama Drinking Beer in a Hut in Kenya

Barack Obama Drinking Beer in a Hut in Kenya

Funny The Little Hut Digital Art

The Little Hut Digital Art
Member reactions:
Thank you NewsMaster...and Thank you ericnorthend.....

Funny Domino's Hut

Domino's Hut

Funny African Huts

African Huts
Member reactions:
'All source' is a not easy way to photoshop with only the element of the proposed image. It means that I created 100/100% of my final image with only elements of the proposed picture (= source). There is no external element at all in this final picture.
a lot of work here & light gives a nice mood.
Amazing work with the only provided image source. Barrel huts is my favorite part
I wish there were more trophies in the contest to honor this chop.

Funny Little Girl Delivering For Pizza Hut

Little Girl Delivering For Pizza Hut
Member reactions:
do I get it free if she takes more than 30 minutes.. .. This is a fun idea love it.
Clean blend. I hope she's late so I get pizza free. I'll give her a tip though

Funny Mc Pizza Hut

Mc Pizza Hut

Funny Jerry Seinfeld as Jabba the Hut

Jerry Seinfeld as Jabba the Hut
Seinfeld - Sources
Member reactions:
Fantastic. Though I'm not sure, could just be me, but in FV the toad critter looks to need masking....
I don't think it was just you, check it out now and see if it looks any different, I cleaned up around Jabba's body. Thanks for the pointer.
I hope you don't mind, but I pointed it out here
Congrats KIR Star Felds coming soon...may the schwarz be with you.
Thanks all. Didn't expect to win this one. Personally, I think the horizontal pics are a tough sell because they are harder to see, especially for old people like me

Funny Home Planet of Pizza the Hut

Home Planet of Pizza the Hut
Member reactions:
I really liked this. The bottom of the shadow on the planet needs to be rounded though.
I like how you made this pizza into 3-d planet

Funny New Pizza Hut Brand

New Pizza Hut Brand
Jabba is starting a business in the food delivery industry. Plz comment it, I'm a newb1e. Second entry to Freaking News so far...
Member reactions:
Love the concept and author's comment. Waiting for more entries - you are doing well
Congratulations, Ricardito and welcome aboard

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