B.Hussein Obama
B.Hussein Obama
B.Hussein Obama . Breaking Glass Floors in Dubai

Funny B.Hussein Obama meets Xi Jinping

B.Hussein Obama meets Xi Jinping

Funny B. Hussein Obamanation Pacifist

B. Hussein Obamanation Pacifist
Member reactions:
It could happen... Really... Nice one HH

Funny B. Hussein Ovomit

B. Hussein Ovomit
Member reactions:
A lot of nice pictures for contest. Thank you, HoHouse. Most productive competitor in the any contest.
Well I enjoy what I do, now if we had more then 4 voters that count,but things stay the same.

Funny Saddam Hussein Accusing George Bush Of Creating War and Terrorism

Saddam Hussein Accusing George Bush Of Creating War and Terrorism
Member reactions:
Top 5... Could have easily garnered a cup
Congrats, DD. Very Strong image. Love the skewed angles.

Funny Barry Hussein and BoBo

Barry Hussein and BoBo
Member reactions:
Yaaaa hoooooo....... a twofer errr wait, what the.........
Well, it almost, did, almost won hahahahaha That was a strange glitch

Funny Neanderthal Saddam Hussein

Neanderthal Saddam Hussein
Member reactions:
Awesome work, so original.. might be he is the real ancestor of Saddam

Funny Saddam Hussein Moustair

Saddam Hussein Moustair

Funny Barack Hussein Obama Facelift

Barack Hussein Obama Facelift

Funny Hussein Obama

Hussein Obama
Member reactions:
always great work hobbit , this must get high score , keep up great works

Funny Ghost of Saddam Hussein

Ghost of Saddam Hussein
In an unusual twist to the Saddam Hussein saga, some people in Baghdad are claiming that they are seeing Saddam's ghost in Baghdad public areas. Obviously hell kicked Saddam out because hell is too good for him. It's also obvious it's much better to live in hell than in Baghdad. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Saddam Hussein's ghost in any way you like. Now that hell kicked him out what things Saddam's ghost may do and in what places or events he may be seen?

Funny Saddam Hussein Rope Products

Saddam Hussein Rope Products
[ Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced Sunday to hang for crimes against humanity in the 1982 killings of 148 people in a single Shiite town. Saddam's demand that he be executed by firing squad, was denied because shooting violates Iraq's death penalty law. ] After numerous crimes against humanity, Saddam had no doubt he would be sentenced to death when he got caught. His choice was rather "shoot me now, or shoot me later". However he was denied being shot by a firing squad, because 'shooting violates Iraq's death penalty law.' In other words Saddam was denied the luxury many American convicts have - shooting, lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, and electric chair (not necessarily in that order). Ain't democracy great? In this contest you are asked to photoshop Saddam in his "final moments" in rope, promoting any products or services. E.g. "Advil - the second best remedy against pain" -Saddam Hussein Remember that your advertisement has to include rope and Saddam.

Funny Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein
Time to photoshop images of how Saddam is spending his time while he awaits his trial in Iraq. Feel free to use either the Spider hole scruffy image of Saddam, or the newly shaved Saddam shown in his most recent court appearance.

Funny Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein
Photoshop any of the following: how they found Saddam Hussein (what were the trails leading to his hide-out). Show Saddam Hussein in his hide-out, what will happen to him or where he is kept now.

Funny Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein
Show where / how the Saddam Hussein statues and busts can still be used.

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