Mr.Trump hurries to the rescue The Royal Family!
Mr.Trump hurries to the rescue The Royal Family!
Mr.Trump hurries to the rescue The Royal Family!. Grandma, are you sure that we have an insurance policy for Buckingham Palace. Please use ORIGINAL view.

Funny Hurry up and Take the Picture

Hurry up and Take the Picture

Funny Hurry Back Brittany Murphy

Hurry Back Brittany Murphy
Maybe better to say; Hurry back everyone.
Member reactions:
Very thoughtful composition. Sad and touching
Oldman. I generally don't have meaningful conversations with a slab of meat on the counter and sadly, its sort of the same with people whom consider themselves as such Even if there is nothing at the end I'd prefer to go with hope in my heart that I get to go on this amazing ride again. I'm just a kid in an incredible amusement park Peace
good or bad, like many things just one ride never seems to be enough. sitting here listening to Les Paul and hoping to hear more. i'm pretty sure i will. MOST EXCELLENT WORK.
Congrats HitS. You totally surprised me on this one. I like your amusement park.
Thanks. I just caught a goof looking over this. There is a fuzzy part on the Earth at the 11:00 position. Jeeze, simple things.....
Congrats on the Silver.The harmony is beautiful and the color effects.
Congratulations. I think the 'baby slobber' coloring exemplifies the warm breath of a newborn. It fits-It's poetic and It's introspective. I can hear the music now...
Hitster, congrats man. Love the vibrant colors.

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