Blowing More Like Hurricane Winds 2016
Blowing More Like Hurricane Winds 2016
Blowing More Like Hurricane Winds 2016. It all started with the gorilla and I still don't understand the big deal about where to go to the bathroom. I can't wait to see how we are going to clean up all this mess. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Funny Hurricane Donald

Hurricane Donald
The most devastating hurricane in the history of the United States
Member reactions:
The positive thing is that hurricanes pass fast...the negative is that there are more coming.

Funny Barack Obama in Hurricane Sandy Flood Waters

Barack Obama in Hurricane Sandy Flood Waters
Member reactions:
Good use of lens effect of water splash on it and Obama half merged under sandy Yes Sandy turned the election results

Funny Canadian Man After Hurricane Sandy

Canadian Man After Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy affects Canada
Member reactions:
FACT: Dogs always hump during a thunderstorm... love it..
FACT: Wolves always hump during a thunderstorm.
Phenomenon job nice composed and very well executed disaster squad looks very innocent
Looks like someone enjoying the show... Wolf show this is FREAKY Awesome chop with DM,,,, Canadian Damage
Hurricane Sandy effects positively to some creatures (That Dog) and some were really need help (DMan) pls help him to get out of water
Congratulations. This is the best of the bunch in my opinion.
Thanks, everybody. Appreciate it...and thanks to D-Man for being a good sport.
Congrats on the double Paul...both cool chops, especially this one. You nailed it.
Congrats on the Silver and Bronze (and your Palin one is cool too). I think your Bronze one should have won (just my opinion).
One of the best D-man chops, I've seen. Shows his true Canadian spirit. and there's always somebody mating in the background, . Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy...yes, my "signature" mating in the background. Just can't help myself. .

Funny Hillary Clinton Running From a Hurricane

Hillary Clinton Running From a Hurricane
Member reactions:
If Hurricanes come then Run... and Hillary doing the same with freaky smile well done in this expression good job done
Run, Hillary, Run. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Funny Hurricane Alert on Billboard

Hurricane Alert on Billboard
Member reactions:
This really more innovative sign board works in favor of Obama... need to see what Romney replies to it

Funny Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Sandy barrels through Caribbean, killing 43
Member reactions:
Excellent work ..... The sandy is coming through and Governor declares an emergency Well done in decepting the Sandy by a Girl well done with hair resembles gush winds Good illuminating chop
Nice concept & work, though hope she doesn't "play" too rough...
She's arriving on my doorstep tonight so I hope you're right Kellie
This is a good depiction of the storm Sandy.
Thanks all (Kellie, Disasterman, CraftyOne, Suni271980).
Watch your step Sandy girl... Beware of her people she isn't cute.. Great idea and news, since Wall-street is shut as well

Funny Mitt Romney Visits Hurricane Flooded Areas

Mitt Romney Visits Hurricane Flooded Areas
Romney visits flood victims
Member reactions:
LoL well done, he looks like he's got it all sorted
Congratulations; this has to be a Winner.
Very interesting work, good reflection and cute face merge
Excellent work done on this floody scene, this is one of the election stunt to lure the voters.... good job done in putting him on the boat with Beers, mugs and more gifts for the flood victims... great job done
pcrdds..... funny funny and crisp and clean work too.. congrats...Source
Member reactions:
If you don't-nobody else will. Excellent concept & execution.
YEs... and I love the mailboxes. Great work..
, perfect background and so cool work with the storm and perfect chop. Full marks
I can't imagine of thinking for sometime, how could this image is created using the sources great job done I am loving it
Clean and flawless job done but what we do, tell us
It was my favorite but I couldn't imagine it was you . Congrats Monsieur Salis .
Congratulations. now run, that's something
Silver Congrats salis really sweet, one of my new faves I had a feeling he wasn't in Kansas anymore

Funny Woman in a Hurricane

Woman in a Hurricane

Funny Hurricane Warning Signs

Hurricane Warning Signs
President Obama and Governor Romney canceled their campaign events as Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, has forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands residents. Over 8000 flights are canceled, Wall Street is shut, nine US states declared emergency. Photoshop street signs (and road traffic signs) that should warn people to stay away from the hurricane-active areas.

Funny If Hurricanes Ruled

If Hurricanes Ruled
Just when it seemed the US economy and its consumers could't bear any more bad news, Hurricane Irene threatened devastation and destruction. Residents, businesses and various levels of government throughout the Northeast prepared for Hurricane Irene. It didn't matter what side of the US you lived on, America was transfixed on the weather during the last week of August. Photoshop what life would be like if hurricanes ruled the world. Some examples are: wind and people flying all over, mountains in skies, cities on clouds, everything soggy, hurricanes in paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny If Hurricanes Ruled

If Hurricanes Ruled
Hurricane Gustav largely spared New Orleans, days after an evacuation order by Mayor Ray Nagin. About 2 million people left coastal Louisiana and New Orleans, anticipating that Gustav's visit may be another Katrina-size catastrophe. Coincidentally, Gustav was the name of several Swedish kings. Also, the National Hurricane Center has has four tropical storms that are three are forecast to be become hurricanes. Photoshop what life would be like if hurricanes ruled the world. Some examples are: wind and people flying all over, mountains in skies, cities on clouds, everything soggy, hurricanes in paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny Hurricanes in USA

Hurricanes in USA
Unless you live (like I do) in a dimly lit apartment totally isolated from the outside world, you have seen the TV weather reports with warnings of Hurricane Ernesto approaching the US, reaching Category 3, and thinking about making a stop in hurricanes' all time favorite place New Orleans. Before you start panicking and packing your suitcases however, I wish to remind you that weathermen are the only creatures on earth that are wrong 80% of the time and still keep their jobs. So if weathermen tell you Hurricane Ernesto will visit the US with a predicted destruction of twice the Hiroshima blast, you can go straight to the "predicted" eye of the hurricane which will be the safest place on earth. Hurricanes like to watch weather forecasts the same way we watch late-night shows, and they see weathermen as the best comics this planet ever produced. Every day the weather forecast is like David Letterman's Top 10 List. Hurricanes don't want their comic idols to get fired however, so every once in a while (yes, those are the 20% we talked about) they give them a break and go to the places predicted by weathermen. This time Hurricane Ernesto is "supposed" to visit several states/places in the US - sort of a vacation trip for a foreign hurricane. In this contest you are asked to show what places in the US Esnesto may visit by showing "vacation photos" of Esnesto at the US places/states it visits - similar to the usual vacation pictures people are taking (Hey, I've been HERE, and here, and HERE, look!) Either the hurricane itself, or the destruction from the hurricane has to be included in your entry picture to qualify. Make the pictures postcards-like and write Ernesto's impression of these places on the postcards. If you want to go even further you may address the Ernesto' postcard messages to any famous person... or another hurricane. E.g."Hey, Katrina, Greetings from Florida! Just a short stop here, as I hate their giant insects. If you ever stop here again, don't make eye contact on people - this is asking to be mugged. ~ Ernesto" P.S. If you run short of ideas, think of trailer parks. Hurricanes and trailer parks are naturally attracted to each other, sort of like Paris Hilton and STDs.

Funny Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton Oilers

Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton Oilers
Edit images of the Hurricanes - Oilers game to add satire to it. Or show the ways Hurricanes will now be celebrating their win, or Oilers grieving their loss.

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