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Funny Hurricane Pictures

Hurricane RunFunny Hurricane Run
Member reactions:

If Hurricanes come then Run... and Hillary doing the same with freaky smile well done in this expression good job done
Run, Hillary, Run. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Woman in a HurricaneFunny Woman in a Hurricane
Member reactions:

Now that is Freaking Awesome nice work

Don`t Make Hurricane Irene AngryFunny Don`t Make Hurricane Irene Angry
Member reactions:

....You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Excellent chop.
Thank you Geriatric, Jh1365, Suni, Balodiya, Rajeshtar.
Love it . . . all kinds of beautiful blue . . . It would be nice to see the water swirling around her torso maybe, in a wider and looser circle . . .
Qtrmoonshop thanks for the tips... it would look great but didn't have again time to do it. But appreciate your comments, very helpful to see my weak points.
Congrats on the silver. . . . and you're welcome, though it's a fine line, giving these critiques . . . I try to point out things that strike me at first glance, and with your work, that is mostly always beautiful artistry . . . I sure love getting tips from others, especially those whose work I greatly admire . . .
Irene is looking good. Congrats on the silver, Sun.
Thanks KeepItReal, Geri, Boulpix, Newsy Qtrrmoonshop tips are always good

Woman in Path of a HurricaneFunny Woman in Path of a Hurricane
Member reactions:

cool but there is a black dot just right of the gazebo on the dock in the air that needs to go.
the hairs going a different way to the trees, nice concept though.
Nice job . . . yeah, the hair's blowing the wrong way, and she appears to be casting multiple shadows . . .
No. She's casting one shadow. The other darkened portions of the water are marked, either by the shadows cast by palm trees, or areas in the water which are more transparent (i.e. devoid of suds).

Hurricane on the FreewayFunny Hurricane on the Freeway
Member reactions:

deaddog: I had made some changes on my 'chop' so it looks more like hurricane.

Barack Obama Sinking After HurricaneFunny Barack Obama Sinking After Hurricane
Member reactions:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden`s Trip to Philly in a HurricaneFunny Barack Obama and Joe Biden`s Trip to Philly in a Hurricane
Member reactions:

Cheech and Chong
LoL it all, but The writing on the mirror... hilarious
I like it all too, hilarious, I thought the scent of the air freshener was a real gas
This is F#*%cking crazy , I love it ..... I love what it says in the mirror & whos that funny wacky guy in the water. , Great one ...
Great stuff, brilliant. For sure you don't want constr... no, you don't. Just this: You missed a layer - something between the mirror and Sarah. Love it, outstanding entry.
Oh this is just too funny....cracking up here All really well integrated too.(just the lil bit tiredtom mentioned needs deleting....and maybe the lil mousey could have his shadow toned down a bit so he looks less pasted on) Love the car freshener.....hahaha
looks like a lot of effort. nice pic. aside from everybody else said, maybe add some foam where the water is hitting any objects/people. i think that would make the shop even more striking. and this is really nitpicking, but you could really quickly make some feet for the bird out of his beak. great job anyway
Ha. I see that this has turned into a community project. Tired Tom.......... good eye, it was a sliver of Biden's head. Macwithfries........ never was sold on the mouse, gave it the boot, brought in the bear. Rarely......... your right, I new the Volkswagon needed something. There are feet on the bird I just blended them down a bit.
This is hilarious, except I didn't go to Philly. I was on Long Island. Guess I should be grateful you didn't have the bird pooping on me.
Funny stuff . . . great work . . . maybe the air freshener could be brown.
Gold congrats, dd. I'm gonna start charging for use of my image, soon. Bwahahahahahah.
Congrats on the gold DD, funny great details
The Beetle surfing McCain is great. Nice chop, congrats on the gold. $1,826 an oz.
Congrats on the gold . . . In addition to all of the other cool elements, I especially love the expression, and "red-eye" on Obama . . .
As funny as this is there are thousands of people living this nightmare as we speak.
Objects on the screen are made from other artists than they appear... Well, I guessed this was made by *somebody else* - congrats on a Gold, dd.

The Perfect HurricaneFunny The Perfect Hurricane
Member reactions:

"they called the Beast."

Hurricane Irene Over New YorkFunny Hurricane Irene Over New York
Member reactions:

"Maybe the 2012 Movie Fantasy is about to become reality, roll on next year. .

Hurricane Jersey ShoreFunny Hurricane Jersey Shore
Member reactions:

news source Stuff i used
, Great Chop of Snooki getting in the Hurricane . Shes always into something ...
I see GOLD in your future. Exquisitely mastered:"Of such beauty or delicacy as to arouse intense delight." (a quote from ).
Double Fantastic, you have come along way Baby. Congrads on the Gold Cup.
Congratulations. I guessed right it appears.
congrats on winning gold pre......awesome chop "take that snooki"
Congrats preemiememe. A very nice job . I love colors .
Golden congratulations . . . nice work.
Fantastic work, Pree - cute and satirical - you've got the style, girl. Congrats on the win.
heyy ty everyone.. sorry i just got internet and telephone back after the hurricane... President Obama and Governor Romney canceled their campaign events as Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, has forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands residents. Over 8000 flights are canceled, Wall Street is shut, nine US states declared emergency. Photoshop street signs (and road traffic signs) that should warn people to stay away from the hurricane-active areas.

If Hurricanes RuledFunny If Hurricanes Ruled - Just when it seemed the US economy and its consumers could't bear any more bad news, Hurricane Irene threatened devastation and destruction. Residents, businesses and various levels of government throughout the Northeast prepared for Hurricane Irene. It didn't matter what side of the US you lived on, America was transfixed on the weather during the last week of August. Photoshop what life would be like if hurricanes ruled the world. Some examples are: wind and people flying all over, mountains in skies, cities on clouds, everything soggy, hurricanes in paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

If Hurricanes RuledFunny If Hurricanes Ruled - Hurricane Gustav largely spared New Orleans, days after an evacuation order by Mayor Ray Nagin. About 2 million people left coastal Louisiana and New Orleans, anticipating that Gustav's visit may be another Katrina-size catastrophe. Coincidentally, Gustav was the name of several Swedish kings. Also, the National Hurricane Center has has four tropical storms that are three are forecast to be become hurricanes. Photoshop what life would be like if hurricanes ruled the world. Some examples are: wind and people flying all over, mountains in skies, cities on clouds, everything soggy, hurricanes in paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

Hurricanes in USAFunny Hurricanes in USA - Unless you live (like I do) in a dimly lit apartment totally isolated from the outside world, you have seen the TV weather reports with warnings of Hurricane Ernesto approaching the US, reaching Category 3, and thinking about making a stop in hurricanes' all time favorite place New Orleans. Before you start panicking and packing your suitcases however, I wish to remind you that weathermen are the only creatures on earth that are wrong 80% of the time and still keep their jobs. So if weathermen tell you Hurricane Ernesto will visit the US with a predicted destruction of twice the Hiroshima blast, you can go straight to the "predicted" eye of the hurricane which will be the safest place on earth. Hurricanes like to watch weather forecasts the same way we watch late-night shows, and they see weathermen as the best comics this planet ever produced. Every day the weather forecast is like David Letterman's Top 10 List. Hurricanes don't want their comic idols to get fired however, so every once in a while (yes, those are the 20% we talked about) they give them a break and go to the places predicted by weathermen. This time Hurricane Ernesto is "supposed" to visit several states/places in the US - sort of a vacation trip for a foreign hurricane. In this contest you are asked to show what places in the US Esnesto may visit by showing "vacation photos" of Esnesto at the US places/states it visits - similar to the usual vacation pictures people are taking (Hey, I've been HERE, and here, and HERE, look!) Either the hurricane itself, or the destruction from the hurricane has to be included in your entry picture to qualify. Make the pictures postcards-like and write Ernesto's impression of these places on the postcards. If you want to go even further you may address the Ernesto' postcard messages to any famous person... or another hurricane. E.g."Hey, Katrina, Greetings from Florida! Just a short stop here, as I hate their giant insects. If you ever stop here again, don't make eye contact on people - this is asking to be mugged. ~ Ernesto" P.S. If you run short of ideas, think of trailer parks. Hurricanes and trailer parks are naturally attracted to each other, sort of like Paris Hilton and STDs.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton OilersFunny Carolina Hurricanes vs Edmonton Oilers - Edit images of the Hurricanes - Oilers game to add satire to it. Or show the ways Hurricanes will now be celebrating their win, or Oilers grieving their loss.

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