Sorry brother, it is my hunting space
Sorry brother, it is my hunting space
Sorry brother, it is my hunting space.

Funny Hound Hunt

Hound Hunt

Funny Tough guy, no hunting here. Get banana for first time.

Tough guy, no hunting here. Get banana for first time.
Member reactions:
I hope banana is not a problem and picture will stay in the contest.

Funny Hunting stories

Hunting stories
Member reactions:
Thank you all very much. I'm sorry that I do not answer at the right time. Besides, I'm more of a draftsman than a writer

Funny No Deer Hunting

No Deer Hunting

Funny American Bear Hunting a Russian Bear

American Bear Hunting a Russian Bear
Member reactions:
Looks like soon only vodka will be available soon. If Vodka disappear then revolution will be again.
Awwwwwww, nicely done and congrats on the wood.

Funny Bear Hunting Vladimir Putin

Bear Hunting Vladimir Putin
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver and wood win Wanderer
, looks like Misha, mauling Putin. Great work, Congrats on the Silver.

Funny David Cameron Hunting Seagulls

David Cameron Hunting Seagulls
Seagulls are within David Cameron's sights after his Nightmare recollection of yesteryear

Funny Pregnant Putin Hunting

Pregnant Putin Hunting
The doctor recommended to spend more time outdoors during his pregnancy

Funny Obama and Biden Hunting For Easter Eggs

Obama and Biden Hunting For Easter Eggs
Member reactions:
Dummy Joe searching with Metal/bomb detector a total freak
Thanks, Christine, Swash, eric and luciano.
I LOVE this one. Fantastic. Congrats on the Bronze
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, toledo, Robb and Tim. Appreciate it.
Lampooning Joe Biden is so much fun. Nice one Paul.

Funny Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt
American Academy Award winning actress Helen Hunt celebrated her 45th birthday past Sunday. Helen brought us sincere entertaining roles including her role in the television sitcom Mad About You and her Oscar-winning role in As Good As It Gets. My personal favorite of Helen's performances is her role in What Women Want. Happy 45th birthday Helen! To celebrate the 45th birthday of Helen Hunt, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what other movies she could have played in, merging Helen with some other celebrity, showing her in paintings, etc.

Funny Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting
Photoshop this treasure hunting image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may giving this treasure hunter some clothes or objects, putting this treasure hunter into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jeff Jones and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Hunting

Photoshop images of Cheney hunting and shooting accident. Feel free to create magazine covers or newpaper articles based on these images. Given Cheney's hunting skills, he could make a decent milf hunter if he wished.

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