Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter
Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter
Harrison Ford the Bounty Hunter.

Funny The Hunter

The Hunter

Funny Macwithfries - Terrorist Hunter

Macwithfries - Terrorist Hunter
Robots to join the fight against Terrorists.
Member reactions:
Thanks Black....I thought I would come out of retirement to show everyone at freaking news what our favorite administrator "Macwithfries" looks like in real life
She looks great. Very nice job, hidden retiree.
Well done , i must say
Ahh yes, that's how I dress for work (where I look after little kids under 5) My battle gear
...sometimes they can be more dangerous then terrorists
Its amazing wonderful effects and nice light work
Great concept to visualize the future army of robots to fight against the terrorist very well done with the chopp and wonderful to see the FN flag flying high well done
Please stay un-retired. We need more work like this.
Thanks....some pretty tough competition in this one
Congrats, on the Woody D-man......Great job

Funny Snake Hunter and Dog in the Desert

Snake Hunter and Dog in the Desert
Snake hunting in the desert.
Member reactions:
Nice Background and Clean job done like the shadow work too
Great background, the mountains over the horizon and the snake on his shoulders with a dog to guard him is great thinking well done with the shadows also
Great blending and excellent work with the shadows

Funny Winona Ryder the Teddy Bear Hunter

Winona Ryder the Teddy Bear Hunter

Funny Sherlock Holmes Treasure Hunters

Sherlock Holmes Treasure Hunters
Member reactions:
This looks good . . . though, I wish I could see the source, to see what's actually been done . . .
you're right,i saw your post few ago that's the source source and ty guys
Man, that would have helped considerably while voting . . . As it was, I didn't have the time to look for the original Holmes source before voting, and hadn't seen it previously . . .
in fact i forgot the source,i remembered it when you said never mind,i will remember next time

Funny Duck Hunter Shooting Airbus Duck

Duck Hunter Shooting Airbus Duck
Member reactions:
Hahaha, It's a bird, it's a "Freaking" plane.

Funny Woody Harrelson The Bounty Hunter

Woody Harrelson The Bounty Hunter

Funny Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter
Member reactions:
Incredible work, absolutely stunning. Awesome day to night - thanks for the source link. Fav+
D-man... thanks. TiredTom.. thanks for the kudos. rajeshstar... thanks.
Nice piece of work...great mood, like a good horror movie.
To the voters who gave me 501 points for a 10....... , thank you.
So freaking well done, makes me wanna see some horror flicks, like when I was a kid.

Funny George Bush and Barack Obama Monster Hunters

George Bush and Barack Obama Monster Hunters
This is MY COVER version of the ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE of my friend RICKYTREK with our faces It's just a joke, 'cause the most important contest for us is between ME and HIM... Work in progress: please REFRESH your BROWSER before viewing... FL BEFORE and AFTER my transformation (grazie, RICKY, per aver accettato questa piccola sfida tra di noi)
Member reactions:
this one is better for me i guess cool work ..
for me this is one of the best work. congrats rob (non caisco come quello arrivato al secondo posto, vince sempre lui..)

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