Kim Un, Hungry For Weapons
Kim Un, Hungry For Weapons
Kim Un, Hungry For Weapons. His Missiles make him Hungry.
Member reactions:
No politicians in the contest. You can use mask for Korean kid.
Sorry, with fat man it was much better. You can return Kim and place piggy mask over his face.
Looks funny, exactly what we want for contest.

Funny I am hungry !

I am hungry !

Funny Watch Out Nancy, Warren Is Hungry

Watch Out Nancy, Warren Is Hungry
Member reactions:
Totally rocks and uncanny how well it fits....

Funny Hungry Hillary

Hungry Hillary

Funny Hungry Hippo Horror Movie

Hungry Hippo Horror Movie
Member reactions:
This has all the elements of a perfect "B" film hahahahahahaha . Nicely done.

Funny Hungry Cat Bird

Hungry Cat Bird
Member reactions:
Excellent use of background and the tone is perfect

Funny Power Hungry Billionaire in Space

Power Hungry Billionaire in Space
Power Hungry Billionaires See large please
Member reactions:
Fantastic work shown Personal space is now private The rich can bring anything to their home now.... good news link
Cool futuristic chop. Looks like an illustration to some sci-fi story
Thank you for the great comments and votes. It is sort of a sobering concept... rogue billionaires that want to rule the world. What's new about that. Nuthin. Thanks Newsey, HoHouse, GRM, Evirio, MsgtBob, Jim, Luciano, DMan, balodiya, Rajesh and who'd I miss. Cheers.
I wonder who did this one. D-UHHH.. Congratulations HitSpinner.

Funny Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark

Funny Kentucky Hungry Chicken

Kentucky Hungry Chicken
KHC-Kentucky Hungry Chicken
Member reactions:
Chicken Flavor sauce - now that's really going bankrupt for KFC.
What is between the bread slices. Looks like a potato. Times are tough, I guess. the way-CONGRATULATIONS.
Congratulations on the SILVER.. Excellent work..
Thank you Newsy, Ivan, Joan, Pcr, Icy, Luke and Geri there is nothing but bread slices Appreciate a lot your comments.

Funny Hungry Bruce Willis Monster

Hungry Bruce Willis Monster

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