1902 Lord Curzon Bengal Hummer
1902 Lord Curzon Bengal Hummer
1902 Lord Curzon Bengal Hummer. Fun Fun Fun

Funny Hummer Falling off Tacoma Bridge

Hummer Falling off Tacoma Bridge
So, THAT's what caused that bridge to collapse.
Member reactions:
Talk about being in the right place at the right time.
Clever concept. S.O..
I remember the wind that day in Washington and watching the bridge move like a snake on a BW TV.
Thanks, everyone. I was actually lucky on this occasion, as, once clipped and subjected to Grayscale, the photograph of the Hummer in its original form almost perfectly conformed to the necessary size, shading, and lighting features for being implemented into the vintage photograph in question, thus requiring only the smallest adjustments in "Brightness", "Contrast", and "Noise", beforehand.

Funny Hummer Flying Over Island

Hummer Flying Over Island
flying Hummer
Member reactions:
Nice. Cool that you did the water reflection too

Funny Chinese Hummer Transformer Car

Chinese Hummer Transformer Car
Member reactions:
Nice sci-fi twist to it. Love how you did the Chinese starred sun here
Thus Hummer is made of wood. Congrats, kratos.
Nice work Kratos, congrats on the wood. High marks from me.

Funny Lego Hummer

Lego Hummer
Member reactions:
Cute Would be much easier to assemble lego Hummers - even kids could do it

Funny Golden Hummer with Dragon

Golden Hummer with Dragon
Member reactions:
Nice concept. Me likes how you did the Hummer golden texture too
Agree with Newsy on this one, great concept, just lost a bit in the execution.

Funny Rickshaw Hummer Car

Rickshaw Hummer Car
Member reactions:
Lovely work. Excactly what I had in my mind as I read the contest directions and thought about... Great work with the light and the added "chinese parts". Can you change the reflections on the window(s) and the engine hood, please. I still can see the buildings... instead of them there should be the nice evening sky
Thanks TiredTom, I'll try, If I find the time. For now try to imagine the vehicle is reflecting buildings outside the viewers field of view.
Freaking awesome The combination of these so different vehicles looks so natural here
Congrats on the golden Hummer, funkster. Can I get a ride.
Thanx all, i also see a few areas that could use improvement too. Tom had a good idea about the sky relecting on the windsheild instead of buildings, just couldn't find the time to change it. Also the radiator could have been moved over a bit, the fenders straightened a bit and the poles leading up to the vinyl canopy cleaned up a bit. All that said, thanks for your votes. (it feels good to critique myself once in a while, .) Oh yeah, one more thing, The moon is in front of the clouds, which is virtually impossible.
In a normal world, the moon/clouds could not exist like that....but in a FW creation(alien environments supremo), this is totally acceptable and almost expected from you.
Excellent composition... Congrats on the well deserved victory funkwood
waaw waaw waaaw really amazing work, i like it congats friend.

Funny Chinese Hummer Car Celebration

Chinese Hummer Car Celebration
Member reactions:
Love it. Wuold add some shadows under the Hummer
Silver congrats Pree and firework celebrations.
Congrats Pree, very colorful and playful. just one small critique if I may, since I just critiqued myself, .... would've been nice to see the hummer at a bit of an angle instead of straight on. Not that there's anything wrong with the way you did it. It would've just added a bit more dimension to the image.
i added shadow,,but i think i lost the effect a bit after i enhanced it... funkwood sometimes..i try to do different things then the rest,, they dont always work out as i expect,,when i made this i was just playing around warping and adding pieces,,then i actually liked it.. doxie thanks
congrats on the silver it's was amazing work glad to see you win again
Beautiful job pree... I never thought a hummer could be so fun Congrats on the Silver...

Funny Hummer in Movie

Hummer in Movie
Member reactions:
Excellent Poster.. Oversized wheels with tank treads a nice touch. Got a big kick out of Big Trouble in Little China by the way.

Funny Hummer with Guns

Hummer with Guns
Please view full Source
Member reactions:
Full view is superb. Thanks for posting the source - shows what you started with. The result looks like a real photo.

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