Humbug Millionaire Christmas Movie
Humbug Millionaire Christmas Movie
Humbug Millionaire Christmas Movie. A film by Bah Leewood and the makers of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Slumdog Millionaire we bring you Humbug Millionaire
Member reactions:
I was hoping everyone would see the Bah Leewood (bollywood) and humbbug slum dog millionaire, oh well
I merged Jamal from millionair onto ebeneezer scrooge, used polar express train as background to represent the train from the slumdog cover, and name played the title mixing christmas carols bah humbug over to Slumdog millionaire with a twist of bollywood to bah leewood. Did a lot of work on this one
It's a quality work, though I did not get Bah Leewood reference at the first look. I would increase the contrast and brightbess on the face and the figure in general - it looks a bit too dark and pale compared to the background which stands out more.
Agree with Newsy, Malimaz. Quality work and a splash of light across his face, and score improves greatly

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