Humanoid. Humanoid

Funny Futuristic GrandFather Humanoid

Futuristic GrandFather Humanoid
I think perhaps Genders morph as well as Human DNA .
Member reactions:
Ha. Great Image. IMO viewing the whole of this image at once is the best way to appreciate it. You may just be correct Hidden.
Glad you like the toes,for the record those are not my feet. But. The hands are my sons,molded stretched and decorated with fingernails
Ty pcrdds ,,,,Splat........NewsMaster sir...... wanderer ,, And MsgBob.. What a nice surprise

Funny Humanoid Soprano

Humanoid Soprano
Rises of Casts in Channels :X

Funny Humanoid White Alien

Humanoid White Alien
Member reactions:
Oi Junka, passei pra ver seus trabalhos, bom perdi essa ein, tenhu um monte dessas montagens. Faz isso mesmo, posta da DPB essa da Jolie, muito bem feita mesmo. Ninha.

Funny Green Female Humanoid

Green Female Humanoid
She only eats tomatoes and leafy vegetables and is mysteriously drawn to flames.
Member reactions:
Ha, nice. She is a s*e*x*y Humanoid, they always seem to be. Maybe that's to lure us in. .

Funny Humanoid Mugshot

Humanoid Mugshot
After his recent discovery, all the fame gets to Trugnoot, who starts an unhealthy obsession with narcotics. PLEASE CHECK FULL. Source

Funny Scaled Humanoid with a Trunk

Scaled Humanoid with a Trunk

Funny Humanoid Woman

Humanoid Woman
I lost my mouth, nose and one eye. I try to save this Eye . I am Gabrielle
Member reactions:
nice concept...the stitches is quite rough maybe you should do it with a path to make it smoother (just a suggestion)

Funny Condi Rice the Humanoid

Condi Rice the Humanoid
Meet the new Secretary of State.
Member reactions:
I don't understand what has been chopped here. .... Brilliant.
this is freaky funny. still a good job.

Funny Prince Charles Humanoid

Prince Charles Humanoid
To boldly go where no prince has nosed about before. source

Funny Humanoids

Scientists believe they have found a completely new human species on a remote Indonesian island. They base this on the small size of the brain cavity of the old skull they found. I have news for all you really smart scientist guys. Small minds prevail in two places already, Hollywood and Washington D.C. In this contest we ask you to photoshop a completely new humanoid species. No cyborgs or robots though. They can be a human animal cross, a male / female cross or any deformed celebrities or politicians (aliens, etc.). Remember to keep it tasteful and safe for work. Thanks to St. Valentine for sponsoring this contest.

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