Dolphin human hybride
Dolphin human hybride
Dolphin human hybride. Member reactions:
Merphin, hahaha. Love the rubber ducky here
Has real power... I thought this one could definitely win. But I thought that about mine too. Hahahahahahaahah
haha, yeah, tell me about it. thanks guys.

Funny Two ways of Human Evolution

Two ways of Human Evolution
Member reactions:
Fun entry. Got some residual fringing around some of the chop.
Mr Bean always bring happiness to all of us. Hilarious.
Awesome chop. I hope there will be (for me) a chance in the middle of these two excesses.
Great work although its disturbing to think Thats the face of the future ,, Congrats.....

Funny Human Hydrolics Competition

Human Hydrolics Competition
Ireland out in front
Member reactions:
Great thinking, I suggest lot of beer just before
They are contestant numbers, not the scores Thanks for the comments
So Ireland has much stuff to withdraw Crazy sporting idea and well compiled
Had to share it with some friends - and they got a good laugh from it. One told me he surely would wanna join this competition.
Good, it succeeded then. I thought about doing bobble heads but thought going for "Is that real." was a far better use of the idea. Tons of characterized bobble heads in the contest already.
Funny chop hitspinner- have to admit...took me a sec... cracks me up
The funnest competition. Great job as always.
Thanks JS, Pat, Wanderer, AZW --> hehe yeah it was made to make you think

Funny Human Condition in the Future by Magritte

Human Condition in the Future by Magritte

Funny The Human Condition by Magritte

The Human Condition by Magritte
Artists today are as confused as the rest of us..

Funny Open Season on Humans

Open Season on Humans

Funny Human Implanted Keyboard

Human Implanted Keyboard

Funny Manatee with a Human Face

Manatee with a Human Face
Member reactions:
Should have named it Mommatee. She Looks like she's yelling at Her child. Excellent Job.
She is worried to see her child inside the waters without oxygen good expression on her eyes well done
Freaking hilarious. Congrats on the silver, Franko.

Funny Human Octopus Woman

Human Octopus Woman
Member reactions:
A rare pic of Human Fish creature which proves our existence from fish
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...I believe it's found in the Borscht Sea in Siberia.
the sea name. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
HA. Yes, it always has "Red Tide." Thanks, Newsy.

Funny Aliens Looking at the Human Anatomy

Aliens Looking at the Human Anatomy
Member reactions:
Cool. I like the different look to this familiar picture.
Looks like Aliens observing the Human Anatomy good chop well created
Awesome. Nice to see all the alien sorrounding
A whole lotta head swaps here. You made it look real.Nicely done

Funny Future Humans

Future Humans
British tabloid The Sun says human bodies are evolving more rapidly than centuries ago. Longer life span and hectic life style contribute to people having children later in their lives, and thus passing more accumulated mutations with their DNA to the future generations. The Sun claims some signs of the evolution trends are visible even today - compared to the excavated skeletons of two thousand years ago, the modern human skeletons are not just taller, but show "vertically stretched" proportions compared to the excavations. The Sun predicts that just within the next thousand years our bodies will go through a series of changes such as smaller brain, bigger eyes, shorter intestines, and long arms and fingers - the image quite distant from the modern beauty standards. Photoshop how future humans may (or may not) look.

Funny Human Animals

Human Animals
The modern theory of evolution says that humans descended from animals - our ancestors were fishes, reptiles, and finally monkeys. From biology schoolbooks, we all remember the images of human embryo development and how at different stages the human embryo looks very similar to the embryos of different animals. Surprisingly, in our early stages, we look closest to rabbits. That may explain some human mating habits too. Photoshop any animals with mouths, eyes, or noses changed for human's. You can also add some human hair (and haircuts) to animals. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Funny Humans + Rabbits = ?

Humans + Rabbits = ?
Film director Peter Jackson made the announcement in a special video message posted on his Facebook page to celebrate the start of Tolkien Week. The novel The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien was first published on September 21, 1937 - 75 years ago this Friday - while the novel's fictional heroes Bilbo and Frodo Baggins are both said to be born on September 22. A new trailer for The Hobbit will premiere on Wednesday. Hobbits, created 75 years ago by JRR Tolkien, are essentially half-humans, half-rabbits. Today we ask you to mix humans and rabbits any way you wish. (Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work). Many thanks to Romke for the contest idea.

Funny Birds + Humans = ?

Birds + Humans = ?
Russian President Vladimir Putin will put on a fake beak and fly a motorized hang-glider to lead a flock of endangered young Siberian white cranes on part of their migration to Asia, Kremlin officials said. The cranes, raised in captivity, do not know how to fly south, and environmentalists have to devise an imitation lead crane to show them the way. Updated article - after the flight. Merge birds and humans any way you wish.

Funny Animals with Human Beards

Animals with Human Beards
A new species of monkey that sports a funky white beard has been discovered in the Amazon, researchers announced this week, but the primate is at risk of becoming extinct. The monkey's size is similar to that of domestic cats, and it and has grayish-brown hair. Its long tail is stippled with gray, and it has a white beard around its cheeks. Take any animals (except humans) and add human beards or human mustache to them.

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