Human Hydrolics Competition
Human Hydrolics Competition
Human Hydrolics Competition. Ireland out in front
Member reactions:
Great thinking, I suggest lot of beer just before
They are contestant numbers, not the scores Thanks for the comments
So Ireland has much stuff to withdraw Crazy sporting idea and well compiled
Had to share it with some friends - and they got a good laugh from it. One told me he surely would wanna join this competition.
Good, it succeeded then. I thought about doing bobble heads but thought going for "Is that real." was a far better use of the idea. Tons of characterized bobble heads in the contest already.
Funny chop hitspinner- have to admit...took me a sec... cracks me up
The funnest competition. Great job as always.
Thanks JS, Pat, Wanderer, AZW --> hehe yeah it was made to make you think

Funny Human Condition in future

Human Condition in future

Funny The Human Condition, 2013

The Human Condition, 2013
Artists today are as confused as the rest of us..

Funny Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy
Member reactions:
Cool. I like the different look to this familiar picture.
Looks like Aliens observing the Human Anatomy good chop well created
Awesome. Nice to see all the alien sorrounding
A whole lotta head swaps here. You made it look real.Nicely done

Funny Perfectly human

Perfectly human
Nasa, this is a call from the moon, I'm a perfectly normal american human astronaut... Sources
Member reactions:
Like the new American Astronaut good use of sources and love the alien body structure hidden inside the space suite

Funny iBrains Human Memory App

iBrains Human Memory App
Science Tries To Get Inside Your Head
Member reactions:
I hope this chop is created by applying some of the apps attached to the Hidden's brain Nice creativity... and I hope this will become true one day Amen
Very freaking clever. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Funny Scientists Grow Human Organs

Scientists Grow Human Organs
Scientists are growing kidneys and ears in labs.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop.... done to match the news video.. love to see human organs grown on plants... Hope to see this turn true one day Great idea in this composition
News is Out of my thought Scary haunted Body in background and Crazy labels of various human body parts on demand
Gold congrats, pcrdds.
Way to go Doc... I almost knew for sure this was yours...
Thanks, everyone. And a big thanks to silvercanine for being a good sport.
Congratulations. How did I miss this contest. Funny but, scary concept.

Funny The Vision of Human Space Flight

The Vision of Human Space Flight
Member reactions:
Clean as a whistle and beautifully done, hidden.
Now Were Talking. Marvelous composition..... Love it
Congrats on the Bronze, Ricky great work as always, and a refreshing, but hopefully not lengthy, departure from the caricatures.
Breathtaking work, Ricky. Kinda makes me think of Nostradamus too. Congrats on the bronze.
Congrats Ricky. Beautyful piece, especially the crown on the skull.

Funny Human Life On Mars

Human Life On Mars
Mars is the fun place to go for your vacation.
Member reactions:
Endorsements on the space craft were well designed... really like the Good Year Ad on the balloon and the Dog in a space suit looks awesome
Good to see McDonald on the background and GoodYear is brilliant idea

Funny Horse Human Mutant with a Baby

Horse Human Mutant with a Baby
Member reactions:
Great.... well blended nice mustaches and the funky hair style good one
Amazing mix of freaky guy with the Magical fairy Horse

Funny Human Animals

Human Animals
The modern theory of evolution says that humans descended from animals - our ancestors were fishes, reptiles, and finally monkeys. From biology schoolbooks, we all remember the images of human embryo development and how at different stages the human embryo looks very similar to the embryos of different animals. Surprisingly, in our early stages, we look closest to rabbits. That may explain some human mating habits too. Photoshop any animals with mouths, eyes, or noses changed for human's. You can also add some human hair (and haircuts) to animals. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Funny Humans + Rabbits = ?

Humans + Rabbits = ?
Film director Peter Jackson made the announcement in a special video message posted on his Facebook page to celebrate the start of Tolkien Week. The novel The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien was first published on September 21, 1937 - 75 years ago this Friday - while the novel's fictional heroes Bilbo and Frodo Baggins are both said to be born on September 22. A new trailer for The Hobbit will premiere on Wednesday. Hobbits, created 75 years ago by JRR Tolkien, are essentially half-humans, half-rabbits. Today we ask you to mix humans and rabbits any way you wish. (Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work). Many thanks to Romke for the contest idea.

Funny Birds + Humans = ?

Birds + Humans = ?
Russian President Vladimir Putin will put on a fake beak and fly a motorized hang-glider to lead a flock of endangered young Siberian white cranes on part of their migration to Asia, Kremlin officials said. The cranes, raised in captivity, do not know how to fly south, and environmentalists have to devise an imitation lead crane to show them the way. Updated article - after the flight. Merge birds and humans any way you wish.

Funny Animals with Human Beards

Animals with Human Beards
A new species of monkey that sports a funky white beard has been discovered in the Amazon, researchers announced this week, but the primate is at risk of becoming extinct. The monkey's size is similar to that of domestic cats, and it and has grayish-brown hair. Its long tail is stippled with gray, and it has a white beard around its cheeks. Take any animals (except humans) and add human beards or human mustache to them.

Funny Human Horse Hybrids

Human Horse Hybrids
A French woman wants to become the first human-horse hybrid by having horse blood transmissions. For months Marion Laval Jeantet gradually prepared herself for horse blood injections, by njecting herself with small doses of horse immunoglobulins so that her body does not go into immune shock when horse blood is injected. Such "training process" is called mithridatization, after Mithridates IV of Pontus, who is said to have developed an immunity to poisons by gradually ingesting small doses of them. After the first successful horse blood transfusion, Marion put on stilts resembling horse legs and performed a communication ritual with a real horse. "I had the feeling of being extra-human. I was not in my usual body. I was hyper-powerful, hyper-sensitive, hyper-nervous and very diffident. The emotionalism of an herbivore. I could not sleep. I probably felt a bit like a horse," said Marion about her experience. Mix humans and horses any way you wish. Here's a good example by photobob.

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