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Funny Human Pictures

Baby Squirrel HumanFunny Baby Squirrel Human
Member reactions:
squirrel /human
Nice blending job. Looks just like MY baby picture.
Dang girl, you got a dark thing going on hahahahahahahaha This is really creepy but fills the contest request better than any other chop
Alien Abducting a HumanFunny Alien Abducting a Human
Member reactions:

The aliens have arrived. I hope you enjoy the work. The original image
LoL I like the little Plushie Wk'd well.
Quality chop in many regards. Love how you did the cracks on the spacecraft glass
Naaa... it's a childish and unrealistic creation.
Congrats......... this was wayyyyyyyyy coooooool.
Very nice work Taita. Don't see too much of you anymore. Grads on the wood
TaitaViracocha ohh its your work no wonder i liked it so much .. congrats..
TaitaViracocha ohh its your work no wonder i liked it so much .. congrats..
Often do not participate, because whenever my works are in fourth place, no matter how good they are.

Alien Choosing His Human FaceFunny Alien Choosing His Human Face
Member reactions:
Makes a lot of sense, huh.
Disasterman...How did I know you were going to say that.
hahahaha, thats so are we all..i been away..court in the city with no results..adjourned twice and my daughter still not safe...$12000 bucks...what a scandal our system is here......
I knew there was something fishy bout those freakers. Really cool chop
Thanks macwithfries. Sorry for revealing the truth, preemie and d-man. I couldn't help myself.
Can I be rwpike for just one day so I can grab myself some gold. . Epic chop.
I think you can be anyone you want, Newsy.
Congrads on the twofer, but you are sucking all the cash out of these contests. great job
Thanks, HoHouse. Yeah, I'm putting a down payment on a Yacht. HA.
Congrats......... money/trophy hog... I will get my revenge...
Twofer.......... You got the funny votes... Excellent double play
Thanks, RW and Hitspinner. And, thanks for your head, RW.
i love that my mask is wrinkle free. congrats...
Thanks, pree. I had good material to work with.

Walkin a Human DogFunny Walkin a Human Dog
Member reactions:

looks like he did to much line dancing

Raw Human Embryo EggFunny Raw Human Embryo Egg
Member reactions:

Good work... That's so realistic. I think I'll not eat one more egg in my life.
I can't stop staring at it. It's so gross. Well done.
oh my GOSH. this makes me sick to think about eating it. Great work
thanks guys, I worked as a managger on a chicken farm for a few years. I looked after 88.000 chickens (free range)and had to handle about70.000 eggs a day. was so sick looking at them I dont think I have eaten one since finishing that job
70,000 a day.... Holy s....... Yeah, I'd never want to see another egg either . Great chop and congrads, I guess you must have had to see a therapist after seeing I turned us into eggheads
CONGRATS Awesome chop love the subject
Really nice work, congrats on the silver.
Thanks guys . Hits mate After a couple of years in that job I was seeing eggs and chickens everywhere
Congrats on the silver Johnx...amazing work
Congratulations-it's about time you won something.

Human Head in a JarFunny Human Head in a Jar
Member reactions:

my a jar.fitting i suppose since i was a Marine...
Looks like you, still, have your ears and your head isn't in a bag. Unusual concept-good luck HIDDEN.
Neyuck, neyuck.. Jar head... I get it Hahahahaha Nicely done

Kangaroo and Human BabyFunny Kangaroo and Human Baby
Member reactions:

took me a second..thats great the skin mottling matches so well..

Human Flesh ButcherFunny Human Flesh Butcher
Member reactions:

Kind of disturbing, but very well "chopped"
Craving is back, woo hoo. and what a comeback chop. Congrats on the wood.
thanks for the comments. NewsMaster, rather slowly and always

Human Swamp ThingFunny Human Swamp Thing
Member reactions:

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY) View Sources
Me afraid, me very afraid. Full view is stunning.
Hehe, I has a suspicion this was yours, KIR. Excellent work
, so cool. congratulation KeepItReal.
Congrats, keep.. It's definitely a keeper. Great job.
Amazing use of Sources ; congratulations for the Silver
Thanks all for Your comments and votes. This was my first "swamp based" politician I would like to add that everytime I search the internet for sources, I see pictures that make me laugh or that are really cool, and 9 times out of 10 they come from Freaking News. I love this site and all the artists that make it great.
KIR strikes again. Awesome satire. Congrats on the silver.
Congratulations. Looks like things are thawing out and life is returning to your neighborhood. I was raised due West of you. Seriously, you never disappoint with your images.
Thanks geriatric, believe me, I have dissapointed in the past but I would like to think that I have learned a little from my mistakes and from the great choppers on this site. It was still kind of cold today, still a few snow mounds in parking lots, but spring has finally arrived
Congrats keeper.. The texturing in full view is amazing..

Obama`s Human Faced DogFunny Obama`s Human Faced Dog
Member reactions:

Look at it in full view, and please leave comments. Thanks.
This is freaking hilarious. Genius work on the dog(s).
congratulations on your wooden prize mikendakota
mikendakota thats a funny dog.. congratulation
Damn, what a close competition. Congratulations on the woody.

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