Human Dog Walking Through Town
Human Dog Walking Through Town
Human Dog Walking Through Town. Member reactions:
i thought it was a funkwood. awesome art, mr splat. love the melancholic feel.
Thanks Eric, Sulli, Balo, Doc, Jere, Gummmy, and Lu. Thanks everyone for all the great comments and High votes. One grrreat compliment Jere. I'm certain I was heavily influenced by Dan's work. How can one not be. Thanks FW.
Congrats, SplatShot. Very sentimental story.
Thanks, Wanderer. I think those two have kindred souls. Thank you very much, Bob. Thanks, Swashbuckle. yes, kind of a somber mood to it I think.
Loved this one splatshot,Cute and masterfully done,congratsv
Loved this one splatshot,Cute and masterfully done,congrats
Really cool work & composition Splatshot. It certainly is something similar to what I might create. I like your style. Congrats.
Some fine chopping, nicely crafted. Well done on the 3 cup. It has a certain Funkwood-ness to it compositionally but the lighting didn't convince me. Dan's lighting is very much like controlled studio lighting with a scrim over a soft incandescent lamp and camera set to a short time exposure. That is the best I can explain it. It is a signature style, difficult to duplicate.
Thank you very much, AndWhat. Thanks, Funkwood. You do inspirational work. Keep'em coming. It's all good. Thank you much, Hitz. I'll keep working on it.
Can't help not working on it Invest your time in your own style though, I didn't mean try to do Dan's style. That's already been done and prolly ain't gonna be done better by any of us But he's a great base to build on. Really, if I was to critique you, I'd just say keep on keeping on. Never forget the basics and details down to the itty bitty. You have excellent master's skills, so just do better than your last effort every single time.
Thanks, Tim. Much Appreciated and Understood. As far as Style goes, I think I described mine once as a "haphazard waiting to happen". I like that one. But seriously, I try to stay flexible always moving and forever learning.
Feels authentic, you brought many sources to natural harmony in this composition. Congrats on the bronze, Splat.
Thanks, Newsy. And I appreciate the POD. Kewl.

Funny Geriatric Future Human

Geriatric Future Human
He's a hot mess
Member reactions:
The hands look blurry. Great job otherwise
Great caricature. I hope is just one of your nightmares

Funny 2099 Future Skinny Human

2099 Future Skinny Human
Member reactions:
Great work here, but looks like men don't have а future.
Looks real and spooky. I would adjust the hand colors a bit - they look too purple compared to the rest of the body (unless it was done on purpose.). Love how you did the four finger hands.
Redid the hands color, hope they look better, thanks.
If this is the future I'd better be in love with present even with all the bat things. Anyway your chop is great.
Top5congrats, Hobbit. Nice source selection and manip.
Yeah, nice edit Hibbit. Congrats on top 5 too.

Funny Human Evolution of Mr Bean

Human Evolution of Mr Bean
Member reactions:
Fun entry. Got some residual fringing around some of the chop.
Mr Bean always bring happiness to all of us. Hilarious.
Awesome chop. I hope there will be (for me) a chance in the middle of these two excesses.
Great work although its disturbing to think Thats the face of the future ,, Congrats.....

Funny Wolf After a Human Kill

Wolf After a Human Kill
Trying to achieve an HDR Effect. Source Images The Best View
Member reactions:
Yikes... I'm to scared to stay here long enough to even comment on this one.
The wolf with dropping blood from its mouth is really scary and the corps behind makes the pic amazing good one
Thanks very much, Nanny, Ricky, Raj, and Sulli. Beyond composition I was trying to achieve an HDR effect with the regular filters in PhotoShop. Guess it turned out Okay.
Good job and at least you didn't get that god awful Topaz squiggle.
Hat watch bloody skull with red flesh.. Cold blood..
Impressive job. I had a similar image on a shirt some time ago.
Thanks, Balo, Gumster, D-Man, Eric, and Lu. Yeah..Gummy I can imitate the Topaz squiggle to a small degree..good for covering low Rez images.. Lu, I bet you received some strange looks when wearing that shirt..
Great technique and perspective angle here. The hat and the broken watch are nice touches too
Yikes... Scared me so much I just wee weed Top 5 mate...
Thanks, Newsy. Tanx, Gumster. Damn lucky to be in the top 5 after taking a huge torpedo hit early on. Just part of the job I guess. Thanks, Hit-man. Oops if that happened I understand why you had to cut your comment short. Thanks Everyone, for all the great votes and wonderful comments. You Guys make this a Blast. And give us good reasons to do it again.
Tough race this time, - outstanding chops racing nose-to-nose. Wish this none would get a trophy too
Thanks, 420. Thanks, Newsy. Sort of an experiment for me. It had some major flaws, and I did learn how to remedy I'm not too terribly disappointed in it's finish. Like you said, a lot of other great entrees in this contest. But given the range of numbers we use in the voting scale at this time, I do find it hard to understand why some-one would score this chop a (6) that at it was still a great contest, with a number of fantastic voters and comments. Very hard to proof read this small input I may have said something strange..but hey, what's new about that.
I was actually busy and pre-occupied yesterday so comments were short . And a "6" is simply a testimony that the voter is clueless as to what constitutes a great chop. With an itsy-bitsy attention to crop halo and a taller format you have marketable cover for a book. That is cool, you can use FN as a practice area for developing more commercially viable ideas for your portfolio. Smart thinking 99.
Your Right Hit-man. Yeah..most of the dark Halo around the wolf created by my post processing was the Sgt. Bob pointed out it could have been remedied with a tiny bit of back-lighting and cropping. And it would have improved the impression of the wolf. Thanks, Max...
Dang agent 86..I must be old too. I knew what you meant by the number 99.

Funny iHeart the New Artificial Human Heart

iHeart the New Artificial Human Heart
Member reactions:
, Elegant, simple and technically Madison Ave. This is a money chop in the real world
Well protected heart good thoughts... like it
I'm over in the forums Chatting with Newsey and SplatShot and missed the bloody vote. Congrats on the bronze for a gorgeous chop.
Congrats on Bronze, Icy.. Fantastic design..

Funny Future Human Riding His Telepathic Gator

Future Human Riding His Telepathic Gator
Future human and his telepathic gator on tera-formed Europa
Member reactions:
No words for this chop..... a very brilliant and near possible future predicted well :0 great chop and nice details and smooth finish good one
Kewl Chop. What's up with the signature on this one.
What signature. Thanks SS, eric, PSM, Sulli, Rajesh, Elegary, DD, Joan and Karar
Excellent entry. Sci-fiction at high level.
Quality artwork. I would not overdo the sharpness on the crock and the UFO - just makes it harder to blend with other chop elements that have much lower sharpness levels.
Many thanks 420, D Man, NMN, Luciano, and Doc
I think this one is up there with one of my favorite chops of yours. Beautiful work, congrats on the win,
Congrads on the Gold Cup, u know what I think.
congrats. where did your gold cup from yesterday run off to.
Congrats, Hitspinner.
Congrats and you didn't need to sign it, we knew who's it was by the Topaz squiggles. I gotta figger out how you do that.
Thanks 420, Bob, Gummy Hidreley, Wanderer, Jere..... hey dude.... HoHouse and Hobbit. Gummy, there are some discount programs that give the Topaz Vivacity result, HoHouse has one that is pretty darn close. Topaz also has a suite of effects for about $40 bucks called Topaz Clean 3. Using the controls in Clean 3 you can get Vivacity effects. I have been having a love affair lately with Vivacity just as a departure from my standard filters. Actually a lot of the time I don't use them at all. It just depends on the mood I am in and the time I have before deadline. Also some cool filters can be found here

Funny Human Chimp with Banana Earring

Human Chimp with Banana Earring
eyes from Lady Gaga
Member reactions:
Awesome Nice Makeover. She might have liked her ear rings very much.

Funny Human Dogs on New Jersey Boardwalk

Human Dogs on New Jersey Boardwalk
Chris Christie, Barrack Obama and Bruce Springsteen together again celebrating July 4th on the newly restored (Sandy) Boardwalk.

Funny Human Owl

Human Owl
Member reactions:
Sweet nose and mouth but angry eyes. Strange effect.

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