Humming Bird Cat
Humming Bird Cat
Humming Bird Cat.

Funny Humming Bird Dog

Humming Bird Dog
Watch the birdie.
Member reactions:
He doen't look very happy to an hybrid. I agree.

Funny Humming Bird Fish

Humming Bird Fish

Funny Julian Assange the Humming Bird

Julian Assange the Humming Bird
Member reactions:
Looks like a humming bird very well done to see this bird a sharp nose

Funny Humming Bird Cat Eating Nectar

Humming Bird Cat Eating Nectar
Member reactions:
Thanks Dis, Anni, Kell, and Geri..very much appreciated...
Congratulations. Looks like the Flying Furball was a hit.
Thanks so much guys...2 years of learning finally paid glad to please you all...Goat..
Just keep working your doing fine and congrads.
thanks Ho, Its all the good people on here, that make it worth while...thanks again all....
Hey, nice to see you win the contest. Congrats.
yea...this was VERY well done. Great job Goat.

Funny Humming Bird Elephant on a Cat

Humming Bird  Elephant on a Cat
Member reactions:
hahah that's great work . love the colors here
colors are brilliant, wings look a treat, and the feet absolutely cracked me up wd
love it, that looks so sid says, those little feet look so cute.
You could put hair on a bowling ball and make it look beautiful. Another stunner.
Thanks all, was going for the kid's pic look.
I knew it's was your congrats on the woody too
thought this was no.1 for sure, great chop
This elephant got a woody. Congrats on the wood too Rain.

Funny Humming Bird Geckos

Humming Bird Geckos
Siblings can come out looking so different...
Member reactions:
Dexter, the instructions say you can use a reptile pic. I think this one's cool.

Funny Hum Vee

Hum Vee
Finally, a Hummer with low gas-mileage.

Funny Humming Bird

Humming Bird
Full view is a little better

Funny Humming Bird Panther Ram

Humming Bird Panther Ram
can yer tell wot it is yet.
Member reactions:
I squashed something that looked like that in my back yard...uh oh.
. great blending, sizing is right on for all of it, totally nuts... I love it, .

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