Black Widow on bicycle with baby hulk
Black Widow on bicycle with baby hulk
Black Widow on bicycle with baby hulk. Is Joss Whedon a feminist. "in "Age of Ultron," the butt-kicking Black Widow is a shadow of what she was in the original film. She's a subordinate presence, there to retrieve Captain America's shield and serve as Hulk Whisperer to stem the Angry Green Giant's rage with a caress and a lullaby
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Thank you Eric and Newsmaster. Yes Paul, it's my way of indicating speed.
Okay...great job and Gold congrats, jere.
Fabulous entry, J-Mix, Congrats snagging the Gold.


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Why not give the Santa outfit the same "illustrated" look you gave the Hulk's great caricatured face.
Ahhhhhh nicely done. Reminds me of an old style I used to employ. Excellent....
Excellent chop and you also don't spend money for candles.
Like this one a lot, PJ. Could be a greeting card.
Top 5 and big congrats on a great toon... I love it
Awesome job doing the Hulkster into Santa.. T-5, Pix
Congrats on top 5, Pix. Tough race in this contest

Funny Hulk


Funny The Hulk

The Hulk

Funny The Hulk Without a Nose

The Hulk Without a Nose
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Great source. But when you think about this one, he already has a very small nose proportionally, huh.

Funny Biden and Obama Giants with the Hulk in the City

Biden and Obama Giants with the Hulk in the City
Member reactions:
Obama looks hilarious... biden looks funny and Hulk looks angry wonderful combination

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the Incredible Hulk

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the Incredible Hulk
Member reactions:
Great makeover of his face to match up the body.... good color balance

Funny Eric Holder as the Hulk

Eric Holder as the Hulk
Lighting Rod
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An Avatar as a Hulk and Hilary is looking funny in the Avatar of Mother Liberty

Funny Crying Hulk Hogan

Crying Hulk Hogan
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Hogan... your are a good boy... dont cry buddy.... excellent expression got from that cry baby face well merged
Amazing mix, his mustache is awesome and no words for crying mouth

Funny Dennis Leary Hulk Meets Bill Clinton the Leprechaun

Dennis Leary Hulk Meets Bill Clinton the Leprechaun
Or maybe Mr. Green meete Mr. Blue
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Congratulations. Good one Hitman. Looks like nothing intimidates Bill. He's probably had Hillary turn green and growl at him like that a million times.
Hahahahah, ya think. I bet that bed of theirs runs a constant 40 below zero and he just shrugs. Thanks all
Congrats on the two fer Gold & Bronze Hitspinner, love your work.
Thank youu. I was worried this chop had too many errors so did the charlie chop as a back-up. Seems it was a wise move. Thanks so much, hope you feel entertained. I feel like a beer... cheers mates

Funny Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk
Marvel's "The Incredible Hulk" movie opened with Hulk-size box office success in the US and Canada, crushing its competition and bringing $55 million in ticket receipts in its first weekend. The movie is based on the Marvel Comics character Hulk, just like the 2003 film Hulk, but this time the Incredible Hulk features a bigger, meaner, and smarter Hulk. The plot of the second installment is also much closer to the original Marvel comics. Photoshop Incredible Hulk any way you wish. Some examples are: turn celebrities and politicians into Hulk, place Hulk in other famous movies and paintings, show what life would be like (products, etc.) if Hulk(s) ruled the world, photoshop Hulk posters and wallpapers, etc. While we encourage you to photoshop "Incredible Hulk" you can also photoshop Hulk from the 2003 movie as well as earlier versions.

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