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Funny Hulk Pictures

Crying Hulk HoganFunny Crying Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:

Awesome Superb Expression VERY WELL DONE
Hogan... your are a good boy... dont cry buddy.... excellent expression got from that cry baby face well merged
Amazing mix, his mustache is awesome and no words for crying mouth

Member reactions:

This is a real transformation from Man to Hulk

Hulk `Carapace` HoganFunny Hulk `Carapace` Hogan
Member reactions:

Nice Chop. This photo was taken shortly after the divorce settlement was reach with his x-wife Linda. ~{}~

Ron Paul HulkFunny Ron Paul Hulk
Member reactions:

Dr. Paul discovers gamma radiation
The shattering effect is done brilliantly, all ova wicked pic
So thrilling work here, looks so angry..I would like to know more about this monster
Excellent work, nice background and the good blend of Ron face in that superhero great job
TRIPLE PLAY FOR MASTER RAIN. Congrats, young fella.
oh man this is hilarious.. perfect as usual

The HulkFunny The Hulk
Member reactions:

a fantastic work with the green effect and the expressions are awesome
greaaaaaaat the background lights and colours fantastic.... a excellent work, i love it
Nice work QA ... I had no idea this was yours ... cool image.

Shaquille O`Neal as the HulkFunny Shaquille O`Neal as the Hulk
Member reactions:

Wonderfully done like his smiling face and sporty look of Hulk, good composition
Great blending, nice to see the 40 imprinted over the Ball. its clear as crystal and nice one
Thanks Rajeshstar for noticing the 40 blend on the ball. It took me a while to get the effect I was going for. That's my favorite part because I learned how to do it realistically.
Hulk Combination is Great Great job done
Hulk Combination is Great Great job done
ahaaghhhaahaaahahhagh a greaaaaaaat hulÚ, a fantastic gold cup, a lot of congrats mate
Truly a masterpiece in my book. Congrats on the win, Luna.

Hulk Hogan MoustairFunny Hulk Hogan Moustair
Member reactions:

Homeless Hulk HoganFunny Homeless Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:

I've Spent 'Hundreds Of Millions'

The Hulk Captures Prisoners in WarFunny The Hulk Captures Prisoners in War
Member reactions:

They never stood a chance.
It must have been hard to take away the green. Good Job.

The Hulk in an Air RaidFunny The Hulk in an Air Raid
Member reactions:

The Incredible Hulk is not very amused by the air raid.
First off, the picture is awesome. But to my US History knowledge....the germans weren't in that battle in the Pacific,Japan was.. (I could be wrong) All in all, Great work on the image......
Good work. I guess photographs like this don't exist, thus the illustration.
cool, i think it would have worked better if you had desaturated hulk though
You are right with the Germans. I slipped through my attention. Sorry for the confusion

Incredible HulkFunny Incredible Hulk - Marvel's "The Incredible Hulk" movie opened with Hulk-size box office success in the US and Canada, crushing its competition and bringing $55 million in ticket receipts in its first weekend. The movie is based on the Marvel Comics character Hulk, just like the 2003 film Hulk, but this time the Incredible Hulk features a bigger, meaner, and smarter Hulk. The plot of the second installment is also much closer to the original Marvel comics. Photoshop Incredible Hulk any way you wish. Some examples are: turn celebrities and politicians into Hulk, place Hulk in other famous movies and paintings, show what life would be like (products, etc.) if Hulk(s) ruled the world, photoshop Hulk posters and wallpapers, etc. While we encourage you to photoshop "Incredible Hulk" you can also photoshop Hulk from the 2003 movie as well as earlier versions.

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