Hulk Hogan with a Little Head
Hulk Hogan with a Little Head
Hulk Hogan with a Little Head. Member reactions:
Great source pick Luciano. Although I think you may need to adjust your screen contrast. Mucho artifacts in the background, mate.

Funny Pink Hulk

Pink Hulk
Member reactions:
Like the way that the flowers were created.
Colour change doesn't give him a sweeter aspect.
HULK will always get my attention being fav Marvel character and all. This really rocks. Congrats on the cup

Funny Black Widow on Bicycle with Baby Hulk

Black Widow on Bicycle with Baby Hulk
Is Joss Whedon a feminist. "in "Age of Ultron," the butt-kicking Black Widow is a shadow of what she was in the original film. She's a subordinate presence, there to retrieve Captain America's shield and serve as Hulk Whisperer to stem the Angry Green Giant's rage with a caress and a lullaby
Member reactions:
Thank you Eric and Newsmaster. Yes Paul, it's my way of indicating speed.
Okay...great job and Gold congrats, jere.
Fabulous entry, J-Mix, Congrats snagging the Gold.

Funny The Incredible Hulk Smoking Pot

The Incredible Hulk Smoking Pot
Member reactions:
...this is a fantastic job. Love the hemp hat, gives him a Green Giant look. and the Venus fly trap on steroids is awesome . Congrats on the Silver, Hits.
TY Swash, Andrew, CHAMP (for the 10)., Hobbit, Luciano, eric, balodiya, Badseed, and Jere
The Big Green Guy is one Big Pot Head, good one as always, congrats on the win.
congrats hits. i like what you did with the burning joint.
I knew this comment area was glitch. I wrote what is in Hobbit's comment area. She wrote something else entirely.
Let's try this again. Thanks Doc, Bob, Jere, HH, Hobbit

Funny Hulk Hogan as Santa Claus

Hulk Hogan as Santa Claus
Member reactions:
Why not give the Santa outfit the same "illustrated" look you gave the Hulk's great caricatured face.
Ahhhhhh nicely done. Reminds me of an old style I used to employ. Excellent....
Excellent chop and you also don't spend money for candles.
Like this one a lot, PJ. Could be a greeting card.
Top 5 and big congrats on a great toon... I love it
Awesome job doing the Hulkster into Santa.. T-5, Pix
Congrats on top 5, Pix. Tough race in this contest

Funny Dinosaur Hulk

Dinosaur Hulk
Member reactions:
good work, though the motion makes the picture a bit confusing i think.
This is gonna viral, I bet its powerful then Hulk .
Fantastic work, but the motion effect here looks like I have double vision and need to see an ophthalmologist. Methinks it'd be much better without it, or at least done in a classic motion blur, not a "double"
I don't know what happened. There were three or 4 motion trail layers that looked awesome. The only thing I can think of is something went dreadfully wrong when I collapsed the gradient layers. You guys know this sort of thing is a walk in the park for me, easy-beasy. I guess I just wasn't paying attention. Thanks for the comments and votes ya'll.
Superb work . Love the effects. Congrats.)
Congrats on the Silver (and for reminding me I need new glasses - ha).
i know what you mean, hits. after all these years i still forget to keep the layered chop apart from the merged one. grats
Congratz Hits. Nice vivid coloring in this one.
Yep, we can't be Brilliant all the time hehehehe Thanks guys
Awesome blend, congrats on the silver Tim.

Funny Joe Biden the Hulk Chasing Obama

Joe Biden the Hulk Chasing Obama
Member reactions:
Cool chop on its own, but not sure it looks like treat-or-treating here.
Ahhhh, broken glass.. Did you get the brushes.

Funny Hulk Hogan the T-Rex

Hulk Hogan the T-Rex

Funny Hulk Hogan with Double Vision

Hulk Hogan with Double Vision

Funny Angry Hulk Hogan

Angry Hulk Hogan
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, congrats on all three wins.

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