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Funny Hugh Pictures

Hugh LaurieFunny Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:

Huge's slanted face with freaky eyes makes nurse scared
Great work with zoom in/out and the background is awesome

Hugh Jackman NeanderthalFunny Hugh Jackman Neanderthal
Member reactions:

Hugh JackmanFunny Hugh Jackman
Member reactions:

Great job done Like the way it has been executed lovely caricature and his lean hands and body is ...
fantastic use of liquify my friend, veeeery gooood job
Brilliantly done..victim of healthcare department
thanks for your comments guys

Hugh Laurie as a WomanFunny Hugh Laurie as a Woman
Member reactions:

Nice merge here, good finishing and looks so good with this composition.
Laurie looks good with this merge nice one
house is really horrible as woman, but too funny ..... hehehehe
Look to the right of his chin, you will see the beard doesn't quite reach the jawline. Apart from that very small issue, good chop.
Good Job, Sources were perfectly matched.

Hugh Hefner Getting a TattooFunny Hugh Hefner Getting a Tattoo
Member reactions:

Hysterical. Is that salis giving him the tattoo.
Love do not have any age, even Viagra proved it its a dare act and has all pain while making a tattoo for his beloved
Clean job done all the best to the old man out there

Picasso Hugh LaurieFunny Picasso Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:

Hilarious. Just wish the left part of the hair was not cut with a straight line

Hugh Hefner StampFunny Hugh Hefner Stamp
Member reactions:

Quality work. I'd make it 70 cents considering his age, .

Hugh Jackman CaricatureFunny Hugh Jackman Caricature
Member reactions:

hahaha..sorry krrish, I used your source..

Hugh Laurie SharkFunny Hugh Laurie Shark
Member reactions:

Hugh Laurie the Old BuzzardFunny Hugh Laurie the Old Buzzard
Member reactions:

Source Image
you're way too good, however, i think the background could have had a bit of detail.
This is amazing...I like the style Thx for the eye candy
Freaking Hilarious. One House call you don't want.
silver congrats, rodney... anotehr cup for your galleries... bravo...
Congrats Pike, I saw this and it freaking cracked me up.
Creative and so well done, silver congrats.
* Good work...Congrat's...and go in my fav...^v^

Hugh GrantFunny Hugh Grant - Hugh Grant is "dreading" turning 50. The British actor – who hits the half a century mark on September 9 – is so unhappy about reaching the milestone age he has even joked about ending his life at a euthanasia clinic. He said: “I’m dreading it. There is this place in Switzerland called Dignitas. I’m going to go to Dignitas on my 50th birthday – 50 is enough!” The ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ star – who has never married – also admitted he lost his sense of humor when he started exercising more in a bid to escape crippling panic attacks which often struck him while he worked. He explained to Britain's OK! magazine: "I get these panic attacks. So I have always tried to do everything I possibly can – herbal remedies, chemical remedies. Running was the only thing that really helped. It calmed me down, so I didn’t have the panic attacks. But at the same time, I found it lowered my sense of humor. I lost my edge a bit. So in the end, I stopped running." To mark the upcoming 50th birthday of Hugh Grant, photoshop him any way you wish. Maybe we can even show some ways he can stop these panic attacks? Happy Birthday, Hugh, and don't worry too much!

Hugh LaurieFunny Hugh Laurie - Dr. House - Hugh Laurie - is celebrating his 50th birthday today. Laurie is known around the world for his leading role in the Fox television drama House, but he also tried himself as a writer (wrote two full-length novels), and as a musician (he appeared in several music videos). Laurie is English and has a British accent, but masterfully adopts the American accent for the filming of "House". Happy 50th birthday, Hugh! To celebrate the 50th birthday of Hugh Laurie, photoshop him any way you wish.

Hugh JackmanFunny Hugh Jackman - Australian actor Hugh Jackman celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday. In Hollywood Jackman is mostly known for his roles in Van Helsing and X-Men. My personal favorite of Jackman's acting was his recent role in "The Prestige". We think 40 is a wonderful age for Jackman's acting career and wish him many new roles and his first Academy Award in the near future! Happy 40th Birthday, Hugh! To celebrate the 40th birthday of Hugh Jackman, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what other movies he could have played in, design a poster for any of his sequel movies, merge Jackman with other celebrities, show how Hugh will look in his old age, etc. These are just some ideas.

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