Ernie Hudson Ghostbusting
Ernie Hudson Ghostbusting
Ernie Hudson Ghostbusting. Ernie Hudson reveals ghostbusters pain
Member reactions:
I filled out the link on entry and added title description.
Fixed the link format for you. You forgot the closing quotes in the URL
Decent work overall. I would make his head smaller and add some shadows from the head, sign and the figure (on the floor)

Funny Encore la vie sur la Riviere Hudson

Encore la vie sur la Riviere Hudson
Member reactions:
What a great work love the way you put all together.
Great work seen here, Nice idea to put the aircraft in the water and a modern boat is for its rescue. and the Modern Buildings over the Horizon is truly amazing First Place guaranteed
thankyou all so very much...I've been wanting this since the day i started...truly appreciated
Congrats on your first gold grenlends nice work.
Congrats on your first gold, grenlends. Wonderful chop.

Funny The Frozen Hudson River

The Frozen Hudson River
Sources Please full view
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looks like lots of work went into this one. very nice piece.
golden sailboat for Xaos..w00t. Beat Vlad to it.hahaha.
Hey, who caused the great chaos in this entry. It's the mighty Xaos himself. Magnificent work, magnificent win.
Ahh, Jere, you stole words from my mouth, now I had to say something else, .
Thanks all. for your BIG votes and kind words I had a freaking blast building this one.
Congrats Xaos. Excellent and well deserved win.. Freakingly awesome chop.
Xaos54 congrats... this is a wonderful image
Fantastic comeback friend , really amazing work , congrats on the fantasy gold well deserved it keep your self in highest place
Excellent chop Xaos. Congrats on gold. You've made it look so simple bringing your sources together. Thanks for this piece.
Congrats on the gold Xaos.Deserved Gold....
Very nice.... Hey, Xaos, got a question, did you already have the bridge and the city sources in pre-treatment phase or did they come like that. You're after may heart, man, love the color work.
Thanks FW, Pree, Kratos, Rkay, John, Berdulano, HiT, Slixter. HiT- The city and bridge were in phase. I got lazy and copied the treated layers over to the source doc from the W I P art.De saturated the original files and went back in and tinted along with layers and opacity settings. Final image before it was flattened had some 28 layers including adj layers, level , selective color, etc.
Ahhh, cool. I figured as much. I sometimes start on a source and forget to save the original and ...well, same thing 28 layers sounds about right for a fine epic piece. Did one a while back that was like 80 layers and swore off that lunacy for a while hehe. Thanks for the breakdown, cheers, again, an excellent chop

Funny Mick Jagger Kate Hudson and Stephanie Pratt

Mick Jagger Kate Hudson and Stephanie Pratt
Source Mick Jagger (Head/Mouth) Kate Hudson (Nose) Stephanie Pratt (Eyes)

Funny Plane in the Hudson Bay

Plane in the Hudson Bay

Funny Things Falling from Sky into Hudson River

Things Falling from Sky into Hudson River

Funny Elvis with Kate Hudson

Elvis with Kate Hudson
Please view full Viva Las Vegas Close Up

Funny Jennifer Hudson by Picasso

Jennifer Hudson by Picasso
Member reactions:
I'm not so sure Picasso would have let everything below the neck go unmolested.
Sensitivity ...maybe the order of the day.
yes she lost her mom and brother . she was on my mind .
nice work pree... i thought this one would score higher. you've really surprised me lately. keep it up.

Funny Kate Hudson with Her Face Painted Purple

Kate Hudson with Her Face Painted Purple
link here
Member reactions:
you should have taken the colour all the way up to the hair line
great use of shadows as the make-up desing

Funny Hudson


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