Mike Huckabee in Church Eating an Ice Cream
Mike Huckabee in Church Eating an Ice Cream
Mike Huckabee in Church Eating an Ice Cream. Huckabee runs for President Mike has been known to have a weight problem, too. He lost a lot but has since put back a lot. He is also a Minister.
Member reactions:
If he looked as good as Sarah in a bikini I'd vote for him.
Oops, he does it again. Well, good luck Mr. Bee

Funny Mike Huckabee Ballet Legs on a Branding Fire

Mike Huckabee Ballet Legs on a Branding Fire
Mike Huckabee is the former Governor of Arkansas, 2008 presidential candidate, a NY Times best-selling author, radio and television show host , and now finds it expectable to Support a companies bigotry...
Member reactions:
Excellent still able to dance even on the fire like the cows who encourages to dance more good job
Fabolous work done Phenomenon concept Great going.
I liked this one alot but it grossed me out to the extreme. hahaha. Nice job.
ty Pcrdds,,,, vicspa....,,, BOULPIX.. and Veroni ...

Funny Huckabee and Cain Band in Concert

Huckabee and Cain Band in Concert

Funny Mike Huckabee Poster

Mike Huckabee Poster

Funny HuckaBee as a Bee

HuckaBee as a Bee
Member reactions:
Good job on the color match. The face is off a bit tho. The perspective is ok, but it's not tilted correctly to match the haed.
Thanks for the tip Janna. Image has been edited.
Hah, one of my friends has this EXACT costume for halloween, with the fuzzy legwarmers and everything.

Funny Huckabee as a Woman

Huckabee as a Woman
Member reactions:
The skin color is matched very well. But, when you matched the skin colors, the teeth & the whites of the eyes went too yellow....and over by his right eye, there's some smeariness over the hair, from the eyebrow down to the cheek.

Funny Mike Huckabee Gender Change

Mike Huckabee Gender Change
Huckabee gears up for South Carolina by having some glamor photos taken.
Member reactions:
Great job colorizing that & making them match. Love the 'softness' of the whole thing. However, there's a lack of color where the fur meets her skin from the biceps to the ... s.
Super job, one of my favourite shots of Monroe you've worked it well.
Quality work. He looks a bit like mime too
Really good job on that difficult fair skin and hairline.

Funny Barack Obama and Huckabee with Balloons

Barack Obama and Huckabee with Balloons
New Campaign Gimmick from Obama's Party...
Member reactions:
This is not the first time Obama felt he was taken for a (balloon) ride.

Funny Huckabee and Romney Movie

Huckabee and Romney Movie
The drama continues.

Funny Huckabee Movie

Huckabee Movie
Member reactions:
Congrats on 3rd. I like how you were able to make the bee look like Huck. Masterfully done.
Excellent entry. Love the play on words. ...and great to see you again ERJR.
Congrats ERJR. We tied. . Love the bee.

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