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Smoking hotFunny Smoking hot
Member reactions:
NYC expands smoking ban to include e-cigarettes Bulgaria smoking ban to stay Russia starts stubbing out smoking in public places sources
This is super great. But, since the article is about banning E-Cigs, shouldn't it be an E-Cig in the mouth.
the idea was that the banning of the e cigaret drove him to civil disobedience and back to the ol'cig. (i mainly just liked the look of the real cig better i quess) This pic could also aply to bulgarian smokeban or Russian smokeban, although then i should probably replace the beer and poster with wodka...
Got to be Opcrom hahaha. Over the top creepy, mate Hahahah Beer glass rig is a crack-up
good one . I like much the poster "sexy singles night"
JERE JERE JEREEEEE. Congrats on the gold. How awesome to see you again.
Jere, I think it's time you finally setup your site avatar...
Thanks guys. Newsy, i'll try to participate more often, but it's becoming harder and harder to get myself to cut out all those darn pictures and mash them together. I could get me a avatar though. that shouldn't take to long.
Knew this was yours. Congrats on the win mate.
Any time you can squeeze a piece, Jere, - I know you are a busy fella. Thanks for putting up an avatar - I always knew you had a cheerful face
it was the best photo of me i could find.
Ha I could have sworn this was the work of Opcrom. Then I thought it could be Ozplasmic or however that is spelled and did not think it was yours for one second. Congratulations Jere, good to see you back....
Absolutely Freaky Jere....:8 Congratulations on the win.
Wonderfully weird.. Big Congrats Jeremix.
Had to come back for another look.... this is so freaky Jere. Jeeze hahahahah

Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being HOTFunny Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being HOT
Member reactions:

Dentist fires his receptionist because she is too "HOT" and might make him want to have an affair.
Well its good to remove the temptation,,,
Okay...the Bell just rang. ... Bertha IS HOT.
Crazy rule passed by the Court.... The dentist fired because he do not have faith in himself good composition done to match the story and the Dentist here with tongue out looks freaked up
Love it. Going to show this one to my dentist.
congrats pcrdds.... This chops sure a beute I think she resembles me slightly ,, but Im a narcissus at heart....
Thanks, Miss, resemblance whatsoever. Thanks, Tim.
Congrats on the Silver. I guess if this had actually been YOUR story, you would have got the Gold (ha).
Congratulations. This is way too funny.
Thanks, Penaplonk. Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Ariel.

It's HOT TodayFunny It's HOT Today
Member reactions:
It's hot in Arizona but, Dr. Chuckles is off on his Harley for a cool-down.
No-he's just the 'Ball-Snake' DeadDog. (like the Bat-Boy in Baseball)

World's hottest soldiersFunny World's hottest soldiers
Member reactions:

Romania has world’s sexiest soldiers Stocks Many thanks to Danielle stock 28
Beauty. Looks like the Girls bagged a Bogie. TOP marks.
sneaks another 'well done' in like a ninja
Great phenomenal job done.... A definite win for any country who recruit hot soldiers.... they are more dangerous then a nuclear Bomb
gugulanul, Congrats on the gold. Every man loves T&A.
Girl chops usually do well . This is pretty well done. Small critique: Next time you might consider highlighting the girl on the left (skin)to agree with the girls on the right. Congratulations on the gold
Thank you suzseams and Ariel9 ... ... That girl stayed too long in the sun in the desert of Afghanistan,Hitspinner ... ... just kidding . Thank you and I really appreciate your critique.
Congrats, Gugulanul. All of us are ready to serve in that army.
Congratulations Gugulanul. My only nit-pick is...This treatment is way too good for Kim Jong Un.
Thank you very much deaddog,SplatShot and geriatric ... ...

Hot TimeFunny Hot Time
Member reactions:

Interesting job done Now they fight like a real fire fighters well done with the source

Hot Air on Capitol HillFunny Hot Air on Capitol Hill
Member reactions:

D.C. architects never planned for this much hot air...
Great chop, totally love it. Maybe I am blind but I don't see any part of the reference photo or am I missing something.
I can see why you might question it...but it really is that big balloon in the provided image.
You don't seem to have used the picture that was the contest parameter. Interesting effect, but hard to judge in this contest.
This is really an amazing view to see a giant hot air balloon flying on the Capitol hill good one like it
Good mold in the balloon shape and very constructive idea
I sort of see it now. Nice concealment It's just that well done. A good chop is a good fake -out
Here is a stellar case where you screwed yourself by being too skilled and clever for your own good hehehehe. It really is excellent
Thank you, folks for your kind remarks…especially you, Hitspinner. You have no idea what that means to me, coming from you.

Hot Air Balloon trip to view DinosaursFunny Hot Air Balloon trip to view Dinosaurs
Member reactions:

Nice idea to view the beast from the top

Hot Air BalloonFunny Hot Air Balloon
Member reactions:

Very pretty, would like to see your sources.
Cool job, congrats on that bronze, friend
Congratulations on the Bronze.. AND THANKS for linking your sources -- gorgeous work.
Great job BF, nice to see your chop again
Great to see you back, BF. Congrats on the wood.

French Hot Air Balloon Inventors.Funny French Hot Air Balloon Inventors.
Member reactions:

The Montgolfier Brothers First Prototype.
Super chop, but was the source photo (required in this contest) used at all.
You are correct NewsMaster, my apologies.
Missed a couple of layers. It's now correct.

Hot Cup Of JoeFunny Hot Cup Of Joe
Member reactions:

Hot Air BalloonsFunny Hot Air Balloons - The hot air balloon is the oldest technology of human-carrying flight. Invented in 1782 by the Montgolfier brothers in France, hot air balloons became a huge sensation and an instant commercial success. The Montgolfier brothers specialized in paper manufacturing with their "The Montgolfier Company" at the time. After they invented, patented, and successfully tested their first hot air balloon, they started producing them for their clients. Though hot air balloons were an expensive luxury to afford (averaging about $120,000 in today's money) the Montgolfiers could hardly keep up with the demand for "the flying wonder". The Montgolfier Company still exists in France today, but since it changed hands numerous times it was renamed the "Canson-Montgolfier" and has nothing to do with hot air balloons any more. The company still specializes in paper production just like in its founding days, and produces a wide range of fine art prints and photography prints. Photoshop this photo of hot air balloons (image credit Moriac) any way you wish.

Red Hot Chili WeaponsFunny Red Hot Chili Weapons - "Hot" news from India this week - the Indian government plans to weaponize chili peppers, and use them in tear-gas grenades. "Bhut jolokia", also known as "ghost chili", is grown in India, and is ranked by Guinness World Records as the most piquant of peppers. It has more than 1 million Scoville heat units, way beyond tabasco and jalapeno peppers, which pack 2,500 to 8,000 units. Indian defense officials say that the use of chili peppers in tear-gas grenades will be most effective, since "ghost chili" pungent smell can easily choke terrorists and force them out of their hideouts. Design any weapons using chili peppers any way you wish.

Hot Air BalloonsFunny Hot Air Balloons - Photoshop this hot air balloons image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: changing hese hot air balloons for some other objects, using the hot air balloons in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the hot air balloons into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Mark Pilkenton and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Hot Air BalloonFunny Hot Air Balloon - Photoshop this hot air balloon image any way you wish. Examples may include giving it a paintjob, merging it with some other object, redesigning this hot air balloon or including it in the paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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