TWILIGHT HOTEL. Twilight Zone revisited Reversing shadows is intentional
Member reactions:
Impressive.Is it underwater or not . If underwater water effects are missing.
Surreal Def: 2. Having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream. Unreal, fantastic. There you go, hope that clarifies it. Thank you Luciano, Eric and Balodiya.
Thanks Gummy.
Thank you, I was hoping you all would like it. This was a bit of a doodle with some new sources I found recently. I recycled one "old one" that has been around for a few years (swimmer) which I am sure I'll use again because it is such a cool perspective.

Funny Hotel for pumpkins

Hotel for pumpkins
Member reactions:
Halloween version of "Hotel California" . Like it.

Funny Sun Bear Hotel

Sun Bear Hotel

Funny David Letterman the Sleazy Hotel Owner

David Letterman the Sleazy Hotel Owner
It looks like sidekick and pal, Paul Shaffer followed along with Dave.
Member reactions:
Adding Shaffer complements this chop nicely. Every night they should have a list of "Top 10 Rooms"
Thanks, Andrew and G-Man. A Happy Easter and Passover to one and all.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Happy Easter.
Thanks, Newsy. You too. Have some Easter Borscht for me.

Funny Barack Obama's Sumo Hotel Workout

Barack Obama's Sumo Hotel Workout
Member reactions:
What... They do that move in the ring all the time, they're just practicing holds, . Maybe I should nix the hair. That really is Obama in there, but the hair kind of obscures it.
Congrats Funk. looks like something I would do.

Funny Men Playing in Lobby of a Hotel

Men Playing in Lobby of a Hotel
Member reactions:
Very funny. Love the women's expressions.

Funny Dominique Strauss-Kahn with Hotel Maid

Dominique Strauss-Kahn with Hotel Maid
IMF head charged over alleged attempted rape
Member reactions:
I'll vote for this Turkey...right. Spot-on funny.

Funny Obama Baby Left in Hotel Room

Obama Baby Left in Hotel Room
People leave strange things in hotel rooms
Member reactions:
Now...this is, just, Nuts. "Plunk yer' Magic tman-meater, Froggy"-we have a Winner."
You can check out anytime you want but there's a few things you need to leave...
Thanks, geriatric...I see you were also a fan of "Andy's Gang." Loved that show.
Probably not the first time someone has left their inflatable sheep.
And not the last time, either, Disasterman.
The inflatable sheep got me laughing. and man, is that Teddy Hilton in the bag. I bet some of the frequenters of the FN hotel also forget gold stars and trophies there.
Thanks, Newsy. Hey, that inflatable sheep is really what has been left. Would I make that up. Ya know, that COULD be Teddy Hilton in the trash bag.
My previous comment was censored due to a misunderstanding of the intent which was a reference to a comical skit with 'Froggy the Gremlin,' (a puppet) from 1950's American TV. Too obscure & ancient for most FN voters.
Geri, your comment was changed automatically by the filter, sorry.
Congrats on the bronze, pcrdds. As a bonus you get one inflatable juror star.
Thanks, Newsy. Do I get a pump to blow it up, too.
Congrats pcrdds on the bronze. Haha it's freaking original. Love it.

Funny FN Mars Hotel

FN Mars Hotel
please view full
Member reactions:
Some very impressive technical stuff going on here. Space ship disappearing into the stellar mist. Very cool.
Quality work. The taxi fare to FN hotel is 100 credits.

Funny The Shuttle Hotel and Casino

The Shuttle Hotel and Casino
Nasa found a good use for the surplus shuttles....
Member reactions:
agreed, good one. very creative. a bit to much contrast i think...
Nice work, but the black contrasts are a bit too harsh, and the shadows don't match the background.
nice blend, but I'd decrease the contrast too
What can I say, Brilliant Edmundo.. Impressive assembly

Funny Hotel Sacher

Hotel Sacher
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna any way you wish. Some examples are - making the hotel porters perform some stunts, giving them new bellman outfit, designing a poster with this Hotel Sacher image, putting the doorkeepers into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Alexander Walln÷fer and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

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