Bird Having a Hot Bird Bath
Bird Having a Hot Bird Bath
Bird Having a Hot Bird Bath. ...ouch,,,hot,,,get out... I thought it was a bird bath.
Member reactions:
Don't worry, you'll feel better in a while.
Feel sorry for the bird but it's a decent chop What bird is it by the way. Ibis.
Congratz on the top 5 finish Gumster. Wo0T.
Yes it's an Ibis. I was just poking some fun at Hohouse in hope he would find it funny.
Looks like the birds goose is cooked Top Five Gummy.

Funny Barack Obama Full of Hot Air

Barack Obama Full of Hot Air

Funny Oprah in a Hot Air Balloon

Oprah in a Hot Air Balloon
Member reactions:
On her 60th birthday she felt so elevated.

Funny Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being Hot

Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being Hot
Dentist fires his receptionist because she is too "HOT" and might make him want to have an affair.
Member reactions:
Well its good to remove the temptation,,,
Okay...the Bell just rang. ... Bertha IS HOT.
Crazy rule passed by the Court.... The dentist fired because he do not have faith in himself good composition done to match the story and the Dentist here with tongue out looks freaked up
Love it. Going to show this one to my dentist.
congrats pcrdds.... This chops sure a beute I think she resembles me slightly ,, but Im a narcissus at heart....
Thanks, Miss, resemblance whatsoever. Thanks, Tim.
Congrats on the Silver. I guess if this had actually been YOUR story, you would have got the Gold (ha).
Thanks, Penaplonk. Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Ariel.

Funny World's Hottest Soldiers with Kim Jong Un

World's Hottest Soldiers with Kim Jong Un
Romania has world’s ... iest soldiers Stocks Many thanks to Danielle stock 28
Member reactions:
Beauty. Looks like the Girls bagged a Bogie. TOP marks.
sneaks another 'well done' in like a ninja
Great phenomenal job done.... A definite win for any country who recruit hot soldiers.... they are more dangerous then a nuclear Bomb
gugulanul, Congrats on the gold. Every man loves T&A.
Girl chops usually do well . This is pretty well done. Small critique: Next time you might consider highlighting the girl on the left (skin)to agree with the girls on the right. Congratulations on the gold
Thank you suzseams and Ariel9 ... ... That girl stayed too long in the sun in the desert of Afghanistan,Hitspinner ... ... just kidding . Thank you and I really appreciate your critique.
Congrats, Gugulanul. All of us are ready to serve in that army.
Congratulations Gugulanul. My only nit-pick is...This treatment is way too good for Kim Jong Un.
Thank you very much deaddog,SplatShot and geriatric ... ...

Funny Hot Air on Capitol Hill

Hot Air on Capitol Hill
D.C. architects never planned for this much hot air...
Member reactions:
Great chop, totally love it. Maybe I am blind but I don't see any part of the reference photo or am I missing something.
I can see why you might question it...but it really is that big balloon in the provided image.
You don't seem to have used the picture that was the contest parameter. Interesting effect, but hard to judge in this contest.
This is really an amazing view to see a giant hot air balloon flying on the Capitol hill good one like it
Good mold in the balloon shape and very constructive idea
I sort of see it now. Nice concealment It's just that well done. A good chop is a good fake -out
Here is a stellar case where you screwed yourself by being too skilled and clever for your own good hehehehe. It really is excellent
Thank you, folks for your kind remarks…especially you, Hitspinner. You have no idea what that means to me, coming from you.

Funny Hot Air Balloon Holding a Horse

Hot Air Balloon Holding a Horse
Member reactions:
I see more than two legs, so I don't understand your title.
I count two legs and a tail. But that's just me.
So well thought to lift her up good chop in making the horse and the balloon to lift up well done
Maybe somebody taped another leg on the inside of your glasses, IcyAllICan. or you're just not examining close enough. Thanks for the comments
Ah, that's the tail. I see. Well, the shadow that continues from the underbelly and ends at the joint between the backside and the tail made it look like a partial leg to me.

Funny Pressurized Napoleon with a Hot Air Balloon Head

Pressurized Napoleon  with a Hot Air Balloon Head

Funny Angry Bird Hot Air Balloons

Angry Bird Hot Air Balloons
Member reactions:
Fantastic.... put this on playstore you will get a million downloads good one like it
Yeah, congrats on silver, friend.
Silver congrats, Icy. I really enjoyed this one and was glad that you submitted it in good size.
I think I finally figured out the sizing issue -- had to try a few things. We shall see as I go forward. Thanks.

Funny Sleeping Hot Air Balloon by Dali

Sleeping Hot Air Balloon by Dali
Member reactions:
The canvas texture doesn't match the texture of Dali's original work ... but the idea is great and the coloration is terrific, too.
Excellent.... the shadows and the balloon stand was amazing

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