Restaurant Hostess
Restaurant Hostess
Restaurant Hostess. Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, I would eat there, looks Peaceful.👌

Funny New Hostess

New Hostess
New Hostess's
Member reactions:
Very pretty lady, I do wonder if she is a little on the small side in proportion to the seats.
Her hand is probably shaking with excitement.... all those lovely men.

Funny Healthy Hostess

Healthy Hostess
At least they kept the chocolate fudge toppers.

Funny Hostess Brand Closing

Hostess Brand Closing
Hostess Brands closing for good

Funny Mona Lisa Air Hostess

Mona Lisa Air Hostess
Monalisa New Hire as a Air Hostess
Member reactions:
I like the idea but the face size and skin tone dont even come close to the rest of the body
the skin tone is not changed to keep the original in tact

Funny PAN AM Air Hostesses

Funny PAN AM Air Hostesses

Funny Hottest Air Hostesses Revealed

Hottest Air Hostesses Revealed
Source news : Hottest flight attendants revealed
Member reactions:

Funny Richard Branson the Air Hostess

Richard Branson the Air Hostess
'Tea or coffee .': Richard Branson to dress up as an air hostess and serve passengers
Member reactions:
, is he serious. He'll be a drag queen icon.

Funny Airline Hostess

Airline Hostess

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