Vladimir Putin In The Hospital
Vladimir Putin In The Hospital
Vladimir Putin In The Hospital. Member reactions:
Some Russian bloggers said "Putin can't die because it's not profitable"

Funny Joe Biden on a Drip in Hospital

Joe Biden on a Drip in Hospital
Member reactions:
Decent chop, but you need to put a news link as per the contest directions (please read them again for the exact link format). This weekly news contest always requires each chop to provide a news link on which the chop is based.
And do that before you drink Jack Daniel's

Funny Justin Bieber in Hospital with a Hurts Wrist

Justin Bieber in Hospital with a Hurts Wrist
Justin Bieber visits a Canadian hospital for a hurt wrist
Member reactions:
Funny chop, shhhhh shhhhhh justine dont cry
So sad.... big swelling.... crazy doctor of Wussy Patrol treating Justin

Funny McCartney Carried To Hospital In Japan

McCartney Carried To Hospital In Japan
Paul McCartney taken to a hospital in Japan; Cancels tour.
Member reactions:
Very well hanged him and nice work with blur background and foreground, it gives perfect contrast to the subject
Should be great if shadows were correct. Pity.
, they might have to take him in person indeed, just to follow the old Japanese traditions (this young kid could be a samurai )

Funny Paul McCartney with his Guitar In Japanese Hospital

Paul McCartney with his Guitar In Japanese Hospital
Paul McCartney was admitted to a hospital in Japan
Member reactions:
cleaver and very clean work, perfection on the environment
Yoko Ono presence is disturbing me. Good job hidden.
This Japanese "blood" transfusion should get him on his feet in no time. Great job, hidden.
funny I liked this even more then Mick,,, great job.

Funny Samuel L Jackson Escapes Mental Hospital

Samuel L Jackson Escapes Mental Hospital
Member reactions:
Like it Very interesting and very colorful..
Samuel as a Psycho Killer out and the concept of SOS and asking help from the top of the hospital is really impressive good one
Nice chopHH, background building is fuzzy and distorted on my screen. But that Jackson character is excellent

Funny Obama Scare Hospital

Obama Scare Hospital
Please except my Apology

Funny Gary Busy Wheelchair Racing in Hospital

Gary Busy Wheelchair Racing in Hospital
Member reactions:
Go Gary, Go. Excellent touch with the wheel sparks.
Pretty good. I'm a little curious where you found the stock Image for the wheelchair race.
Here's the source image used cfc..... It's an Austrian Ad for ceramic wall panels (I think )
great work on the source image with nice merge of the faces to it and what is the race for ...
Thanks. Looks like a great site for inspiration and source images.
To find pics, open another window to google pictures,left clink on pic,drag to google and search.
Your Right cfc, great site. Thanks for the link Mac-WF. Cool Idea HoHouse. Nice Job. I just right click the picture and use this addon to the Firefox browser. who-stole-my-pictures works great.
Nice one Ho,extremely great and impressive work.Gary buesy is perfect for this chop.I think i spelled his last name wrong
Oooh, I didn't know you could drag the pics into goog image search....cool...thanks for the tip Hohouse

Funny Demi Moore Checks Into Hospital

Demi Moore Checks Into Hospital
Why Demi Moore Was Hospitalized
Member reactions:
HA............... I wouldn't mind examining her at all. Nice job.
the clouds seems to be created by the smoke of cigarette ha ha ha Might be the reason of Hospitalization.... its my view good work with smokey effects
Beautiful stuff. Love the saturation and feeling of this.
Nice work with the hair, I have so much trouble with that *rolls eyes*. Good Luck.
Very well organized and great merge of smoke and Doc behind.
Great contrasty effect. I just want to know who voted a 3 for this fine piece of work. I just don't get that.
Great chop Chili ... I love the color tones especially.

Funny Gaddafi in the Hospital

Gaddafi in the Hospital
Found and Probed
Member reactions:
Good one. I think it would cool to see a little foam around the mouth but it really looks great
Funny, a clear picture, and I love the crossed eyes.
Congratulations Mundo. You are working your way to the top.

Funny Express Hospital Treatment

Express Hospital Treatment
[ Only about a third of hospitals nationwide are meeting the 90-minute standard for treating heart attack patients, so many hospitals attempt to speed up treatment by using time-saving practices and devices. ] I read this and shuddered. That means I have a 33% chance of surviving a heart attack. This news was such a shock I almost had a heart attack. Despite the slow response time by some of the slower acting hospitals patients did not complain. I guess it's hard to complain when you are dead. Hopefully, the doctors and hospitals in my area will comply with these recommendations. I am afraid to go to the hospital even with a broken leg. In this contest you are asked to show different methods of speeding up treatment by hospitals or doctors. Show unusual tools or methods used. An example would be a tree branch to set a broken leg or a chainsaw to perform surgery.

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