Real Horton Hears a Who
Real Horton Hears a Who
Real Horton Hears a Who. The next generation of Horton Hears a Who
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Silver congrats, W-girl. You are on a roll.
Congrats on the silver weathergurl.It was a tight competition between the two of us .I loved your chop,it was adorably excellent

Funny Horton Hears a Ho! Ho! Ho!

Horton Hears a Ho! Ho! Ho!
Horton hears a ho ho ho and it isn't even Christmas.
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Your entry is a little blury through the added text. Here is a much larger image that you can work from and a font which is closer to the actual Seuss style. You should be able to recreate the entire title-block from scratch and position it to suit your composition. Horton Image Dr.Seuss Font
Nice overall work. C00per has great tips.

Funny The Real Horton

The Real Horton

Funny Horton Hears a Boo Halloween Movie

Horton Hears a Boo Halloween Movie
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I'm impressed. Great job with this one. Seuss might say it's Beautiforous.
Congrats Premie Tarantino must of edited this version.
Wood for pree. Congratulations, you little devil, you
thanks everyone coming from all of you,,its a nice feeling
Great wooden chop pre. nice work. Many fine details.

Funny Horton Hears a Missile Test

Horton Hears a Missile Test
Thanks for the help cOOper.
Member reactions:
This is a great idea. Just some suggestions and ideas for you to consider. Carry the blue of the Israeli flag out further to the sides of your canvas area but use a gradient fill so that it is the same blue at the top of the image but more black near the bottom of the image. The blackness will tie in better with the base shadow being cast by Horton. Something like this click to view. Just add a slight shadow from Horton against the background to add a bit of depth. The hat is perfect. For the missiles, try adding a slight motion trail from the ends and remove the speckled debris from the underside. The Star of David has a faded blue remnant remaining to the left side. For the main text, try using a font similar to Dr Suess and with a more cartoon colour theme and distortion. Watch your spelling, too. Here is a font if you want to try it: Dr Seuss font I would remove the text at the base of the image and apply a basic billing block against the black background of the gradient from the suggested flag changes. Try Google images for a standard format or create your own.
Looks much better now.....thanks again for the help cOOper.
this fits the contest so well.. nice work too
You've done well with this, I didn't see b4 the edits but the result in front of me is great.
Genius entry in many regards, but please correct the typo - should be HEARS instead of HEAR'S. I would just hate this entry getting lower votes because of the typo.
I got me some better missiles, lookee here.
Congratulations on the wood, Disasterman.
Congrats Disasterman Very topical and funny.
Congrats on your woody disasterman. Turned out to not be a disaster after all. great work.
A well deserved Woody... Great job and congrats

Funny Horton Hears Eliot Spitzer

Horton Hears Eliot Spitzer
Spitzer Hires A Hooker, MSM Goes Ballistic
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Job well done, congratulations on the bronze.
When politicans screw up they should be held accountable but why is the press silent on Bush's lies about WMD and the illegal war in Iraq. Why no outcry. Had he a mistress they be no end to coverage.

Funny Mitt Romney in Horton Hears a Who Movie

Mitt Romney in Horton Hears a Who Movie
Horton Hears a Who. 2008 See full size to avoid red color jaggies.
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Horton Hears a Who is one of my favorite books, this entry made me laugh out loud. Nice job.
Congrats, rain. I loved it the minute I saw it.
Congratulations, Arizona. there is never any rooom at the top, amazing works.

Funny Tim Horton on Canada Bank Note

Tim Horton on Canada Bank Note
Bank Of Canada Notes Use 'Wrong' Maple Leaf

Funny Tim Horton's Logo in a Muffin

Tim Horton's Logo in a Muffin
Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm Baked in yummers in every bite. (and Corporate logo baked in as well...)
Member reactions:
Very nicely done. I like the way the Horton's logo is raised up a bit.

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