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Funny Horseman Pictures

Headless Horseman with a Halloween CatFunny Headless Horseman with a Halloween Cat
Member reactions:

Your contrast is off somehow, the picture overall looks dark. The cat in the costume is adorable. Good source on the headless guy and the pumpkin patch ... maybe more contrast in the pumpkin patch. Really great idea.
I was trying to make it look darkish but I didn't do a great job. Thanks for comment that's how I learn.
Thank You balodiya, rajeshstar and JoaoN.

Hummer Chasing HorsemanFunny Hummer Chasing Horseman
Member reactions:

Hilarious. The front guy may use a tad of contrast increase

The Electric Horseman Sydney PollackFunny The Electric Horseman Sydney Pollack
Member reactions:
The information for the 1979 movie is all accurate, with one exception; I replaced Robert Redford with Sydney Pollack as starring in it. He did, however direct it. SOURCE PHOTOS
Congratulations on the bronze, Micholish. Quality work
I have to point out some , I consider severe defects. 1. the face does not match the texture/contrast of the body 2. the coil of electrical cord hangs in mid-air with absolutely no connection to the hands or the saddle (the latigo tied around it notwithstanding.) 3. the cord does not match the texture/contrast of any part of the picture. The presentation of the coil of electrical cord should be a good lesson for newcomers on what to try and avoid...added objects should blend seamlessly into the picture. All that being said the idea was simply brilliant.
congratulation on your 1st trophy.... nice.

Napoleon the Headless HorsemanFunny Napoleon the Headless Horseman
Member reactions:

Original Painting
I love the concept of combining the Napoleon painting with the Headless Horseman. Overall it's a little too dark. Some highlights added to edges (like moonlight) would help a lot.
If it wasn't for the source, I would say this was orginal...nice work.

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseFunny Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Member reactions:

These horses were a mirror of just one beautiful animal.
great work with the different shades... Nice colorful act done

Racing horsemanFunny Racing horseman
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Horsemen Pictogram Movie PosterFunny Horsemen Pictogram Movie Poster
Member reactions:

Can be better with different sized pictograms

Horseman PictureFunny Horseman Picture
Member reactions:

Mayby a little shadow underneat the cat, to make it blend in more, but i like the feel of this.

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