Favorite Emperor's horse
Favorite Emperor's horse
Favorite Emperor's horse . Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Andrew. Nice work.
Congrats on the bronze . (even though the jurassic park logo made me vote lower for your pic, and made me lose karma and lose points to you)
Clever composition and choice of sources. I like what you did to the background paintings too. Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.
Thank you, Mrassad, Evirio and NewsMaster.

Funny Pirate Horse Shoe Pitching

Pirate Horse Shoe Pitching

Funny Horse's Mouth

Horse's Mouth
To hear something straight from the horse's mouth To hear something from the authoritative source.

Funny Putin and Xi Jinping Horse Riding

Putin and Xi Jinping Horse Riding

Funny Why we don't race horses in the snow

Why we don't race horses in the snow
Member reactions:
flipped it and the text is all backward now
That just might do it . It sure would stop me in my tracks. Nice chopping HH

Funny Sea Horse and Friends Perform

Sea Horse and Friends Perform
Member reactions:
Adds a whole new meaning to the word " seahorse"

Funny Horse Fly

Horse Fly
Member reactions:
TY Crafty. I don't think we presume to censor classical masters painters like Jean Leon Gerome. That is just bad form. There is nothing lewd here and nothing a 4 year old child can't see in a museum or on prime time PBS. I shouldn't even have to explain that.
Hitspinner, this is so BEAUTIFUL, you're tops. Congrats on the gold.
Thank you Doc, Andrew, Hobbit, Luciano and Crafty.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, always on top and that's money in the bank, excellent
HoHouse. Yeppers. I do my best to entertain you guys, TY.

Funny Doctor: `He was lucky. It was only Jockey, not a horse`

Doctor: `He was lucky. It was only Jockey, not a horse`
Member reactions:
Thank you, CraftyOne. Thank you, gentlemen.

Funny Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Horse Show
Queen Elizabeth dresses down, drives herself to annual Windsor horse show

Funny Woman with Horse, Digital Art

Woman with Horse, Digital Art
Yesterday was a bright, sunny, warm day and if I had a horse, I would have had a ride on it. Today is not so good; it's cool, cloudy, and with showers. Digital art.

Funny Jockey Flying His Horse

Jockey Flying His Horse
How many of you can and like to ride horses? While many of us do it for fun, it takes a lot of stamina, time, and training to become a professional jockey. Racing an expensive horse in the Kentucky Derby is like racing a Ferrari on Formula 1 - you have to become one of the very few "chosen ones" to have this privilege. Photoshop this image of a jockey flying his horse any way you wish. This is a speed contest with slightly more that 24 hours for submissions.

Funny Design a Horse

Design a Horse
The upcoming year 2014 is The Year of The Horse. The horse is the 7th zodiac sign in the 12 year Chinese cycle. Horses are present in Chinese legends way more than any other animals. The Greek mythology worships horses even more - they even created the legendary half-man, half-horse creatures - centaurs. To greet the upcoming 2014 Year of The Horse, create your own horse by using parts of different animals (or humans).

Funny Horsing Around

Horsing Around
There's a big meat scandal in the UK where many beef products tested positive for horse meat. UK's biggest supermarkets Tesco and Asda had to pull many beef products amid the scandal. But the horse meat panic has spread further and caused authorities in several European countries to test many beef products for horse meat. The result? Ikea's Swedish meatballs at least partially were made of horse meat. Now, who's horsing around and labels horse meat as beef here? The beef suppliers in question were asked whether they had been knowingly labeling horse meat as beef. Their answer was... "Neigh". Mix horses with other animals, humans, or objects any way you wish.

Funny Human Horse Hybrids

Human Horse Hybrids
A French woman wants to become the first human-horse hybrid by having horse blood transmissions. For months Marion Laval Jeantet gradually prepared herself for horse blood injections, by njecting herself with small doses of horse immunoglobulins so that her body does not go into immune shock when horse blood is injected. Such "training process" is called mithridatization, after Mithridates IV of Pontus, who is said to have developed an immunity to poisons by gradually ingesting small doses of them. After the first successful horse blood transfusion, Marion put on stilts resembling horse legs and performed a communication ritual with a real horse. "I had the feeling of being extra-human. I was not in my usual body. I was hyper-powerful, hyper-sensitive, hyper-nervous and very diffident. The emotionalism of an herbivore. I could not sleep. I probably felt a bit like a horse," said Marion about her experience. Mix humans and horses any way you wish. Here's a good example by photobob.

Funny Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this horse grooming image any way you wish. Some examples are - making this horse or girl perform some stunts, making the girl groom some other animal, designing a poster with this horse grooming image, putting the horse or a girl into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Renaude Hatsedakis and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

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