Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper.

Funny Woman Flying a Hopper Plane

Woman Flying a Hopper Plane
Member reactions:
Reminds me of my last trip to Hooters. Great job.
Thanks oldman. I never thought I'd be doing a chop in here using porch toilet guy with a hooters balloon

Funny Dennis Hopper Moustair

Dennis Hopper Moustair
Member reactions:
The cigar smoke is wicked cool. However, the main picture seems a little less focused than the small face.

Funny Dennis Hopper Moustair

Dennis Hopper Moustair
Truely Missed....our friend.

Funny Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper & Sean Penn

Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper & Sean Penn

Funny Turtle Hopper Spaceship

Turtle Hopper Spaceship
Member reactions:
Dmn .. that's amazing pic ..
, what an imagination you have...humm. Great work
Diz turtle iz hi-tech, and kikz seriouz azz. May the force be with it.
Congrats on the win, Rain. Another golden turtle in your collection
I guessed right-a Winner. Congratulations.
High marks. Almost looks real, great depth and clarity, nice colors too. Congrats.

Funny Dennis Hopper Cyborg Throwing a Grenade

Dennis Hopper Cyborg Throwing a Grenade

Funny Dennis Hopper Sidecar Rider

Dennis Hopper Sidecar Rider
A man went looking for America and couldn't find it anywhere...
Member reactions:
WHOA. Looks like a comic book cover-art. High marks:smoooth.
Actually reminds me of the slick airbrushed art they used in promoting "One From The Heart" I think that was a Frank Copola flick. Very fine job.
Thanks folks. Hit- yeah thats what i was shooting for the ole classic airbrush look... good eye and thanks HiT.
Congratulations Matey, you now have a winning percentage of .842 that's 107 trophies out of 127 entries, fantastic job and you are a master of digital art, thanks for the ride thru the canyons of my mind.
Congrats. You keep getting better and better.
Thanks for the kind words Hohouse... my pleasure.

Funny Dennis Hopper Good and Evil

Dennis Hopper Good and Evil
Member reactions:
Nice but the resemblance to dennis has been a bit lost
Thank you for the comment. Hmmmmm, I thought I kept it well within range of the source. Compare Oh well -Edited by Moderator on 6/3/2010 2:29:27 AM
Thanks for that hidden I guess if I didn't know who it was I wouldn't pick this as Hopper...maybe cos his roundish face and distinctive eyebrows have been altered. It's a wicked chop though.....just was my first thought when looking at it
NP, for you, I rounded out the features and softened a bit. It did improve it... nice catch
First guess was right artist, nice work Hitman, congrads, slept thru the vote but this was high on list.
congrats on the silver Hitspinner, great job.
Thanks, I'm way happier with it since the revision.

Funny Dennis Hopper Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper Easy Rider
Member reactions:
The comic book images are rolling off the presses-nice rendition.
Congrats on the bronze SidKain, great chop

Funny Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper
Legendary actor Dennis Hopper has ended his journey on Saturday morning, May 29 at his home in Venice, California with his family and friends at his bedside, after failing to fight his prostate cancer. From 'Rebel Without a Cause' to 'Easy Rider' to 'Blue Velvet,' Dennis Hopper was a true Hollywood original and counterculture visionary. Remember the icon and his never-boring personal life and acting career. The world has lost one of the great actors and he'll be missed by many generations of fans. RIP Dennis. To pay a tribute to Dennis Hopper, show what other movie roles Dennis could have played - photoshop how these movies would look with Dennis Hopper in them.

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