Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks
Hope Hicks.

Funny Very Little Hope of Russian National Team

Very Little Hope of Russian National Team
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World Cup 2018 results: 1. Russia 2. North Korea 3. Belarus (other countries wouldn't come)

Funny Hope My Eye Fits Now !

Hope My Eye Fits Now !
This is the original, I chopped off half because I thought we could only show the area that the chip.

Funny Bob Hope

Bob Hope

Funny Barack Obama Asking for Hope and Change on the Street

Barack Obama Asking for Hope and Change on the Street
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Nice Job matching the color tones, Hidden.

Funny Obama Hope by Dali

Obama Hope by Dali
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All art is political, Jonson. Otherwise it would just be decoration.--The Earl of Oxford, Anonymous

Funny George Bush and Barack Obama Hope by Picasso

George Bush and Barack Obama Hope by Picasso

Funny Ebola Hope Poster

Ebola Hope Poster
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Excellent take on the classic poster in light of Ebola

Funny Freaky People at Hope in the Sitting Room

Freaky People at Hope in the Sitting Room
PLEASE USE THIS LINK FOR BEST VIEW 40 images added to source image
Member reactions:
Awesome...lots and lots of work here...love the cat in the corner...brilliant........
Very Nice work...Lots of thought put into it. I like the live smoking doll clutching the arm of the chair, and the arm of the boy coming out of the TV....All the shadows seem to be right...My only nit pick would be the cast shadow of the masked man. The mask casts a shadow on the red part of the shirt, but not the upper tan portion of the shoulder pad....Minor detail tho, High marks overall.
Thanks Funk I appreciate your critique Here's the stock image I used for the masked kid ... I can see why you would think that, though.
thanks for providing the stock image hidden, the shadow glitch is obviously not your doing..Good luck.
Thanks again FW looks better, eh.
Splendid job done Lot of work seen and the one on the frame is awesome The grandparents with Pig Nose and scary eyes were creating humor and horror both Love to see the boy taking his hand out of the TV Excellent work lot of hardship done in this chop... Winner 10++
Amazing really freaking job done Each and every thing is very well balanced. Excellent.
I wanna know only one thing how many layers in this pic... its one of the most adorable creative work I have ever seen what a PS.... Mind blowing work,, each and very object is perfect and effects are Awesome, amazing colors and shadows with perfection... Bravo 10++++++++++++++++++++++ ~~
Thank you for the great compliment ericnorthend. I was up to 33 layers at one point usually by then I start condensing and then save as new. note: For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the boy in the television is Anthony Freeman, played by child actor Billy Mumy, from the famous Twilight Zone episode It's A Good Life The black&white photo of the man smoking is Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone. The other two black&white photos are of Ed Wynn, and Burgess Meredith who, in popular opinion, in addition to many others, were iconic characters of the series.
Thank you kindly, DM, Raj & balodyia.
Congrats Moon.............. Excellent puzzle. Love the ... well... everything.
Those pics we took at the party turned out great. I thought you were going to shop them though. Good times, good times...nice work.
Very interesting family and one heck of a fantastis pic. Congrats on the win. Love it....
Many thanks to everyone. ... So many great compliments ...It was a lot of work and a lot of fun on this chop
Congrats on the gold, Billy Lots of sources and well blended, excellent job.
I knew it.. congratulations friend we'll be waiting for your next show..

Funny Hope and Change Book by Barack Obama

Hope and Change Book by Barack Obama
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Very Freaky smile given by Obama and Sara looks great with Guitar great chop done and the all money grows on Money Tree is the thing went wrong.... Get some to the Public...

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