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Funny Hookers Pictures

Nancy Pelosi the HookerFunny Nancy Pelosi the Hooker
Member reactions:
Things got worst in the goverment, Nancy got booted on her fanny and this is the only job she was able to get.Please view full
One can only dream this would happen...IF ONLY.. Love your caption... till my ribs hurt.
What her number I have an opening. Awesome chop.
LolHoHouse... shouldn't that be that she's got an opening.

Hillary Clinton HookerFunny Hillary Clinton Hooker
Member reactions:

Just like Politics and the hours are better.
woooh whoooooo,pull over that a** is too fat.,funny
. 300 million people in the USA and Obama picks her.
"Now those are some warheads I'd love to get my hands on."
. Her head may be too small for that ass though
Well she hasn't used it to store brains, just ask Bill.

No Hookers for Eliot SpitzerFunny No Hookers for Eliot Spitzer
Member reactions:
No Hookers for Old Men.
Heeey, Gerbrau, buddy, nice to see you back. Quality chop here

Hooker CigarettesFunny Hooker Cigarettes
Member reactions:

I'm old I know

Ban Asleep with a HookerFunny Ban Asleep with a Hooker
Member reactions:

Hillary Clinton HookerFunny Hillary Clinton Hooker
Member reactions:

Take your pick. Radio's Randi Rhodes calls Hillary an F-ing Hooker How did Clintons "earn" $109 Million.

Eliot Spitzer is a HookerFunny Eliot Spitzer is a Hooker
Member reactions:

Eliot had a sex change and is making a fortune as a hooker

HookersFunny Hookers
Member reactions:

The girls find they are in demand in Nevada

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